10 Tech Gadgets That Will Boost Your “Work From Home” Productivity

10 Tech Gadgets That Will Boost Your “Work From Home” Productivity


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Not many of us would have taken the phrase work from home very seriously. In fact, the concept of working from home was mostly restricted to homemakers who were keen on making some extra money. However, things have changed upside down over the past six months. This is, of course, because of the pandemic called Covid-19 and it has written new rules as far as employment and earning avenues are concerned. While millions of people have lost jobs (especially those in the informal sector), those who are from the organized sector have been forced to adopt work from home as a part of their daily routine.

However, it would not be out of place to mention here that many of us do not have the right idea about work from home. It is a new concept and making changes to our mind set is perhaps the biggest challenge. Further, working from home is not all about having an internet connection, a laptop and of course a good internet connection. We should also understand the importance of choosing the best gadget for work from home. In fact it is not about a single gadget but a combination of gadgets. This is extremely important because it will go a long way in improving the overall productivity of the persons working from home. We are happy to list down 10 different types of gadgets that could help in making the right place for your official work and perhaps even for your home based gig business that you may plan.


This is perhaps the first thing you should have in place when you have been asked to work from home. The table and chair should be comfortable because you will have to spend at least 8 to 9 hours on it daily. The chair and the table should be of the right height and the chair should be comfortable. It would be better to go for a chair that can be moved 360 degrees and the height should also be adjustable. It would be advisable not to cut corners on these two important pieces of furniture.



Spend time identifying a good laptop or even a desktop computer if you are comfortable with either of them. Laptops are better because they are light and they also can be moved around without too much of a difficulty. Ensure that the laptop has the best of WFH configurations and features. There are good laptops available for a price tag of around $400 and up.



While laptops come with monitors, if you ask me, I would recommend that you should invest in a monitor that is reasonably big in size. I for one would be happy working on a 27 inch monitor, with anti-glare screen and other features. Laptops are good but the monitors are usually small and it could strain your eyes. Look for a monitor that is compatible and can be attached to your laptop.



I am sure that work from home and gig businesses and income earning avenues are the way forward. Hence, it is important that you invest in a good keyboard. We are in favor of a Bluetooth keyboard that is foldable. Always make your home office free from wires and cables because it will create that professional office atmosphere. There are many reasonably priced Bluetooth keyboards and you need not have to spend a fortune on it.



Along with a wireless Bluetooth keyboard, do not forget to buy a good wireless mouse. Look for a mouse that has an ergonomic design. I have always looked for a wireless mouth that has been designed keeping in mind the need to work on it for at least 8 to 10 hours. Here again, let us not be pennywise pound foolish and you will not be making a hole in your pocket even if you buy a good brand of wireless mouse.



Most work from home assignments today require regular meetings with bosses, customers and other stakeholders. Therefore, I always ask my friends and other well-wishers to invest in a good quality webcam. Never settle for a webcam that does not have a minimum of 1080 pixel resolution. You also may need to record your meetings and hence make sure that the recorded quality is also good. It should of course be easy to use with a plug and play option.



When you are working on computers for long, you will for sure be using your mouse also for that many hours. I have never worked with a mouse unless I had a good mousepad under it. It makes movement of the mouse quite easy and also helps the wrist to get the much needed support and rest. I have seen many of my friends suffering from CTS or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and it is caused by excessive use of keyboards and mice.



Headphones are still useful and even indispensable additions to your work-from-home arsenal. You could have your children making noises or if you are living in a small apartment, the TV could be blaring in the next room. Hence, invest in a quality noise-cancelling headphone and I am sure it will not cost you a fortune. There are many low-priced makes and models that are good enough.



Speakers could help you both in your job and also if you want to relax and play some games. They also help you to play some games with your children and therefore they are an excellent investment and offer very good value for money. Look for a quality left/right speaker with dedicated subwoofer for that extra bass. You can work and listen to some great music and it will help you to remove stress that often is associated with your work.



A good desk lamp is something that we often miss out. You will for sure need it when you have some late night work to do but you do not want to end picking up a fight with your partner or spouse because she is unable to sleep. I will recommend that you do some research and choose a lamp that is adjustable to suit specific needs and requirements.

To put things in perspective, please do understand that work-from-home is here to stay long term. In fact, even after the pandemic weans off, many big corporate houses would be willing to continue with this arrangement. This is because it is a win-win situation both for employees and employers. Therefore, please pay attention to the gadget that you have in your home. The above are just a few and you could have such gadgets to pick and choose.

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