Honey Or Sugar: Which One Is For You?

Honey Or Sugar: Which One Is For You?


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Honey and sugar are the most commonly used sweeteners. They have different taste and texture they have some similarities and some differences although they both are used for the same purpose and both contain glucose and fructose but is honey healthier than sugar? Can a diabetic patient have honey?

Let’s read more and find out the answer to these questions:



Having a sweet tooth means you cannot avoid eating sweet food you always crave to eat sweet food but it can also lead to diabetes and other diseases so here it is very important to know how you can eat sweet food by making a proper balance of your diet to avoid diabetes and if you have diabetes then you must know what your diet should be because diabetes is a condition in which the level of blood sugar increases and it can harm your body so it is very important for a diabetic patient to maintain the diet.



Sugar contains 50% of glucose and 50% of fructose and Honey contains 40% of fructose and 30% of glucose but Comparatively honey contains more calories. Sugar can raise the blood sugar level more quickly as compared to Honey and honey is sweeter than sugar so it is used in less amount both honey and sugar can gain fat if they are not consumed in limit and both of them can also lead to diabetes and other diseases if there are over consumed.



Honey has a variety of health benefits and medical uses it is good for blood purifying, skin and for the treatment of wounds etc. Honey has antibacterial properties in it that means it can kill unwanted bacteria it is also used to cure allergies. There are many benefits of honey and some of these are as follows:


Good For Digestion:

Honey can treat digestive issues like diarrhea and stomach ulcer iterations the good bacteria that is inside our intestine which is not only important for digestion but also important for our overall health, good digestion leads to a clear skin that is the reason why the people who consume honey have really healthy-looking skin.


Healing Wounds:

Honey is an effective germs killer and it also regenerates the tissue so it is used for healing the wounds it also reduces the infection and helps the wound to heal faster. The honey that is used to kill the germs or infection is used by doctors you should never use the raw honey on your wounds.


Treats Cold:

If you are having a cold you can try a spoon filled with Rohani it is an old soul throat remedy you can also add to hot water or tea to treat your cold. Some research suggests that Honey is a very very good way to is cough in children.


Source Of Antioxidants

Raw honey e contains many antioxidants like fruits and vegetables that help to protect our body d from diseases like cancer and heart disease.


Has Antibacterial Properties:

Raw honey can easily kill unwanted bacteria it is antiseptic and effective that can help to fight with bacteria. It helps to reduce the symptoms of seasonal allergy


Less Processed Than Sugar

As compared to sugar Honey contains more nutritions and antioxidants because it is processed less.


Treatment Of Chronic Disease:

Chronic diseases like bounce, ulcer and burns can be naturally treated by Honey if they are not to big Honey also helps to reduce the amount of hair fall.


Disadvantages Of Honey

Honey contains more calories as compared to sugar a diabetic patient cannot consume honey in a large amount and also it is not safe to give honey to the babies younger than 1 year because it can cause infant botulism which is a life-threatening disease also it can affect to the blood sugar issues in healthy patients so, it can lead to weight gain, heart disease, diabetes and many other diseases that’s why it is very important to consume honey in the limit.



Sugar can provide immediate energy if the sugar level of a person is the law as it contains more glucose then honey it provides instant energy to the body.

Natural sugar sources include healthy nutrients with a sweet taste. Dairy products and fruits which are sweet contain fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Sugar is created from natural resources in such a way it does not pollute the environment and there is no artificial sweetness in it.

Sugar can transform the taste of a dish and make it tasty. Who does not like Sweet dish? and it is not possible to prepare a good sweet dish without sugar.


Disadvantages Of Sugar

Sugar increases the risk of diabetes and heart diseases if it is consumed on a regular basis sugar can take place of important nutrients and also sugar increases the level of stress it can affect on the health of the children and also it can damage our tooth it can lead to gum disease and immune system of a person can also be affected by sugar increase the level of glucose very high

They both are same but have slightly different components If Sugar and honey both are consumed in a large quantity both my lead to dental issues, diabetes and heart diseases both can lead to weight, illness and other chronic diseases that are the reason why we should take both sugar and honey in limit and try to take natural sugar from fruits and other sources of food for a healthy life it is very important to avoid sugar as much as we can a person should subtract the added sugar from their diet if a person is diabetic then that person should totally avoid sugar in any form for a sweet tooth person it is not easy to avoid sugar but for a healthy life, a person should avoid sweet.

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