How Do You Take Care Of Your Feet?

How Do You Take Care Of Your Feet?


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Since most of us are working from home, most of the time we wear, sandals, slipper and espadrilles. I am sure mos of use have alreday forgotten to take care of our feet, and it’s high time we remember our feet.

Due to the pressure on the skin caused repeatedly, there is the formation of corns. Hard skins are caused generally on the hands and feet due to activities such as running and walking wearing tight shoes – the part of the skin which gets hardened looks waxy. Most of this hard skin on feet can be easily treated at home following some simple methods.



Foot calluses are caused due to the repetitive pressure, agitation and irritation caused on the skin especially on the toe region. The skin becomes hardened and very dense in appearance. Corns generally build upon the smooth region of the foot skin. They generally form on the top of the foot and toe region. Feet corns can be soft or hard depending on where they form on the region of the foot. Middle toes are a region where generally soft toes get formed whereas hard corns are seen on the top region of the toes. On the bottom region of the foot, seed corns are formed. These seed corns form due to blockage of the sweat ducts.



Cracked heels are caused due to an insufficient supply of moisture to the foot region. With times cracks begin to sore and in many cases bleeding too are possible. Below mentioned are some of the reasons why cracked heels are formed:

  • Dry feet occur due to weather conditions which is extremely cold.
  • Cracked heels can also be formed due to less intake of water in the body.
  • Crack feet are caused when someone takes a hot bath for a very long time.
  • Many cases of cracked feet have also been caused due to using harsh soaps on the foot region.
  • Scrubbing of feet without using water can cause cracked feet.
  • People suffering from diabetes can get cracked feet very easily.


It is advised to use moisturizers on the foot region to keep your foot skin forever young.



The joy of having soft heels is unexplainable. To keep the skin in the best shape throughout it is essential to follow some tips. Below mentioned are some of the best ways to get soft heels.

Apply Occlusive Moisturizer

Occlusive moisture helps to coat the entire skin forming a thin film. This film restricts moisture to evaporate from the outermost layer of the skin. When the skin is provided with the required amount of moisture feet stay soft and healthy. This moisturizer can be applied on top of the normal moisturizer. Some examples of occlusive moisturizers are petroleum jelly, mineral oil, and silicones. Out of all petroleum jelly is believed to be the best for soft heels as it can retain almost 98% of the water in the skin not letting it evaporate.


Wear Cotton Socks To Bed

Make sure the socks are 100% cotton for the best results. This process is a combination of the socks and petroleum jelly together helping to form soft heels. At first, apply petroleum jelly on the foot region and cover it entirely with cotton socks. Cotton socks help to keep moisture inside. The heel skin is free to breathe through the socks which are very beneficial for the process. Lastly, it helps to keep the bed sheets clean preventing it from stain marks. If done for few days results are visible which is rewarding.


Use Liquid Bandage

Liquid bandage when used over the cracked heel can help it to stay protected and also help reduce the pain. Both liquid gels and spray bandages can be used in this process. Applying a bandage over the cracked heel will avoid dirt and germs to enter the skin. This will help the heels to cure faster. After using the bandage the cracked portion begins to heal quicker and within a few days, the pain is gone.


Use Feet Grinder

If you want instant smooth skin specially from those stubborn cracked heels, you may want to use this Paulinrise Portable Electric Vacuum Adsorption Foot Grinder for a more quick fix.

Following these steps mentioned above will help to get pure soft heels. All these methods mentioned above can be tried at the comfort of one’s home which is rewarding. Cracked heels treatment is now possible using some simple methods available to all. Always try to maintain a good habit of moisturizing the skin and keeping it safe from extreme weather conditions.

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