Top 10 Best Smart Home Technology Gadgets That Will Make Your Visitors Wow

Top 10 Best Smart Home Technology Gadgets That Will Make Your Visitors Wow


The first reason why modern-day people upgrade gadgets at home because it saves us! Well, home techs indeed cause a lot of money but what is more important in the long run is we are saving our time and money than we expected. As young adults choosing the best appliance at home is crucial, we want to experience the best thing that technology can offer to us and that includes our personality choice of convenience.

A recent study by the National Human Activity Pattern Survey (NHAPS) shows that we spent 90% of our time indoors and almost 70% of us stay in the comfort of our homes. Thus, this follows the assertion that we need to make our interior spaces and materials healthier than before. To help you choose the best smart home gadgets, we made an exclusive list for you.

1. Air Fryers

One of my homiest favorites is the newest air fryer kitchenware. Air fryers are designed to size as a coffee maker, usually egg-shaped or square devices. This is like a convection oven that can heat up to 400F around the food. It is light-weighted and you can bring it whenever you want on all sides of the home. An air fryer cooks the outside part of foods first, which creates a crispy and brown coat but keeps the inside soft. It’s perfect for health-conscious friends to decrease calorie consumption by 70-80% as it has drained fats during the process. Foods you can cook like chopped potatoes, zucchini slices, chicken nuggets, and other deep-fried and boiled foods. It’s easy to clean as the basket-attached can catch any grease that drops.

2. Air Humidifier

To avoid non-sticky smell in your room, office, or the entire house –this air humidifier helps maintain the unwanted indoor smell and adds moisture to the air as you breathe. It is said to be beneficial for children and adults during sleep. However, you should consult health professionals if someone has a respiratory illness. Air humidifiers are beneficial during the cold season to help us rejuvenate our skin and repair the damages of dryness all over our body while at home. We can also customize the smell we want to experience for better therapeutic indulgence because other air humidifiers are designed as diffusers so we can add some essential oils to circulate a high-quality and satisfying air. It comes in different sizes according to use and a USB cable for charging.

3. Soil-Dispensing Dishwasher

It looks like more of a portable compact speaker but it’s an eco cleaner that does your dishes and fertilizes your plants all at the same time and place. How is it possible? Well, this technology is another genius tech-produced that is new in the market. It substantially uses ultrasonic waves to clean your dishes and the remaining food particles will be transformed into a gas and deposited as soil into a separate container. After washing, you can put all those produce residues as fertilizer to your plants. This modernized double purpose home dishwashing gadget is smart enough to get you out of your dining rituals.

4. Instaview Door-in-Door Fridge

Whether it takes you a while to invest in this 3-door LG ThinQ refrigerator, trust me it will be worth it. This is a 24 cubic feet refrigerator with a dispenser. Its storage has an impressive and seamless eight-inch Wi-Fi LCD screen, Serve and Glide drawer, and serves a dual role of information server and controller. The touch screen monitor can be controlled by your smartphone via its exclusive LG app. Several apps include a Food Manager and Grocery App to help you shop easily on the stock available on its list. Alongside, this multi-door fridge can serve all the needs you store in one big party because of its big compartments that allow you to keep all your highly perishable and non-perishable products.

5. Ultrasonic Clothes Dryer

An energy-motivated clothes dryer is a must-get item for those who live in a condominium and apartments or for those who don’t have much space to hang their clothes to dry. This electric dryer helps you to dry clothes in just 20 minutes with 70% less energy. It’s time to end our old customary laundry habits like waiting in lines, pick-up-this-thing later in the laundry shop, and no more rain traumas. The concept has been proven effective to lessen our time in hanging and removing our clothes outside. Researches have come up with prototypes that enable users to complete the household task successfully.

6. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This highly-effective robot vacuum cleaner is one of the pioneering and useful inventions in the field of engineering and robotics of all time. You can pick the most upgraded vacuum cleaners from ECOVACS, Dyson, Electrolux, LG, Panasonic, and Eufy. This invention is 20 years old now; however, it’s only in recent years that vacuum cleaners become affordable because of their high demand. The modern-day robotic vacuum uses AI, cameras, time scheduling, and smartphone navigation. No one imagines that home cleaning would never be as easy as sitting down and controlling everything in one hand.

7. Z-wave Wireless Smart Door/ Window

Z-wave home controllers were developed for wireless access of home appliances such as doors, lights, thermostats, sensors, and similar. However, we choose doors and windows better to work with Z-wave because as much as we are concerned about everyone’s safety in your homes. We won’t let any intruders go inside your house because it is now protected with a smart controller to increase your security and comfort. It helps users to receive text messages and or emails when unknown things have been detected. A lifetime guarantee costs you less when you invest in this monitoring device.

8. Motion Sensor PowerStrip

This outsmarted invention of PowerStrip has a wise movement detector that would automatically turn off if detected no human movement after 30m minutes of plug in. Hence, it reduces the power by the unused outlet that lets us save more power energy. This is the best use for rooms that have multiple gadgets ideal for entertainment consoles.

9. Whole Home Wi-Fi System

Who would wish not to have fully-covered Wi-Fi everywhere at home? No, not me because I’m getting one soon! With this eero pro 6, the future of home Wi-Fi 6 that delivers faster speeds and increases internet efficiency at home becomes the newest trend in the tech world. Say goodbye now to buffers and dead spots because the solution is here. Multiple devices can be connected with gigabit internet connectivity and a built-in Zigbee making it easier for us to connect devices with Alexa. We no longer buy a separate device because we can control it with Alexa’s control panel for lights, plugs, locks, and more.

10. Kitchen Tablet Mount

Yes to our in-the-know kitchen ninjas out there! A kitchen tablet mount is a tablet adjustable holder that allows us to move freely while watching our favorite cooking show and making our home-made cupcakes. There are so many benefits of using a tablet stand and these include the security of avoiding our device to break and fall, reduce upper part body strain, easy to install, can be in a landscape or portrait position, and stable at its best height.

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