What Are The Pasta Varieties And Their Best Recipes

What Are The Pasta Varieties And Their Best Recipes


Pasta is just my favorite food since I was a kid, and I never realized how fascinated I have become with kinds of pasta until I dig on so much research about it. Did you know that ‘Pasta’ has topped a global survey and become the world’s famous food? Yes! The pasta came a long way to get the number one spot as the world’s most popular dish ahead of pizza and meat by the Oxfam International food survey.

According to Jim Winship, from the UK-based Pizza, Pasta and Italian Food Association said that pasta has become so popular during his interview with BBC because “It is cheap, versatile and convenient. It is a sauce to go with it and can be made from simple ingredients.”

As well as being popular in parts of Europe, pasta also was one of the favorites in South Africa, the Philippines, Guatemala, and Brazil. Pasta is an all-time favorite for special occasions that even almost all countries have its unique version. Besides that, I found out that there are top 15 interesting pasta kinds, so I’m eager to share it with you together with its best recipe!

Farfalle: Creamy Bow-tie Pasta

Farfalle is commonly known as bow-tie or butterfly pasta. Farfalle is best with creamy sauce along with mushrooms and vegetables. A simple comfort food mostly served in Italian restaurants.

Fettuccine: Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta

Fettuccine is flat thick pasta popularized in Roman and Tuscan cuisine. It’s best served with Parmesan cheese and butter. You can also add chicken, cream, and egg to twist in flavor and add more richness.

Capellini: Best Spinach Artichoke Pasta

Instead of the usual creamy thick pasta, spinach and artichoke is a perfect combination of lemon juice and chicken broth. Its pasta is more like spaghetti but with finer strands and lighter than most of the pasta recipes. It is sold like a nest-like shape. Promise yourself to cook capellini for the fifth time around!

Manicotti: Beef and Cheese Manicotti

Looking for stuffed and baked pasta? Manicotti is the number one choice. Manicotti are tube-like shapes generally coated with ricotta cheese, veal, and chopped spinach. Manicotti is your to-go-bake pasta variety.

Arnelli: Arnelli Al Forno

Arnelli pasta is ring-shaped, usually thin, and cut into small sizes. This pasta variety is usually for soups and salads or even oven-baked recipes. You can make it sweet or salty, depending on how you cook it.

Alphabet: Alphabet Macaroni Shrimp Salad

Whoa! The only pasta that you can read. I’m afraid I could smash it like a potato. It is the only pasta in the world that is mechanically cut into 26 letters. Alphabet Macaroni Shrimp Salad is one of the best recipes for family picnics and gateways.

Stelle: Chicken and Stars Soup

It’s basically a simple chicken noodle soup that keeps me coming home during the weekend because there’s no way to be like a child again. But now, I’m adding a few herbs to feel like more of an adult already. I love how healthy this pasta is because there were no preservatives.

Lumache: Tomato and Basil Lumache Pasta

This pasta is famously known as ‘Archeology of Pasta,’ because, as you can see, it has a cool snail-shaped cut with a pinched end that traps the sauce inside the shell. It originated in Italy that is why its classical form feels like a renaissance. It is best to cook with red sauce, and some spices and meatballs added.

Ravioli: Homemade Four Cheese Ravioli

Yum! Timeless Italian traditional pasta that creates more magic when served with love during a family celebration. The ingredients of this past are not immediate because of the large list. However, it is worth it! It requires more cheese, a layer of cheese and meat or vegetables.

Stortini: Stortini Lap Cheong and Minced Meat

Stortini pasta belongs to the minute made pasta family broth, a.k.a smaller version of elbow macaroni cooked in broth. Its shape is designed to stimulate children’s imagination as baby food. A Stortini (Italian pasta) plus a Lap Cheong (Chinese sausage) and minced meat are some of my fusion dishes!

Puntine: Puntine with Beet Greens

Puntine is a smaller version of risi. This little point’s pasta is perfect for soups and the dish with beet greens. This pasta recipe is full of vitamin C and antioxidants because of the added beet greens. It is best mixed with pilaf and creamy vegetable melange.

Piombi: Mediterranean Roasted Vegetable & Pearl Salad

Piombi pasta is more known as pearl pasta. This is one of my favorite recipes for piombi because, aside from its taste, it is healthy and good for the heart. Adding Mediterranean roasted vegetables and syrup is just a completely effortless yet delicious dinner!

Gramigna: Gramigna with Sausage Alla Salsiccia

Gramigna pasta is not too well known compared to everybody’s favorite Bolognese –even both plates of pasta have the same main ingredient: freshly picked tomatoes. I love gramigna, especially when it’s homemade. You only have three main ingredients, and you’re good to go. This pasta is not traditional; that is why its ingredients are sometimes distinct from the traditional Bolognese, yet still taste perfectly good!

Caramelle: Pasta Stuffed with Sweet Potato

Here’s Candy-shaped pasta for everyone! The first time I ate this, I imagined eating sweetened dumplings. It is mouthwatering pasta whose flavor would complement each wrap. Caramelle pasta is best served with butter sauce, parmesan cheese, and parsley to add more flavors.

Caccavelle: Potato-baked Gnocchi

From mini to giant, now we have Caccavale, the largest pasta shell in the world! You’re wrong when you think this pasta is served together with its co-pasta because it’s not! It is served stuffed in a single portion to make sure that one shell is only for you. One of the best recipes with this pasta is potato gnocchi, which is baked in a tomato sauce and various cheeses and basil. You’ll surely enjoy each hungry bite!

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