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15 Date Ideas To Enjoy Valentines At Home With Your Significant Other

15 Date Ideas To Enjoy Valentines At Home With Your Significant Other


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Are you among the 48% of couples who haven’t been dating since the lockdown? Stop overthinking and let’s be friends because I got all the best ideas for you this Valentine’s.

These days, outdoor dating is hard enough in the best of times. The pandemic, at least for some metrics changes everything from the way we move, speak and touch. But this doesn’t mean that we’re going to forget about celebrating Valentine’s Day with our loved ones.

My partner and I have contradicting schedules this year, even though both of us work from home. Times when we barely see and communicate with each other because of the ever-changing set up we had from work. So, this Valentine’s Day –I want both of us to feel loved, even everything seems to change but our relationship with each other stays the same.

Home is the best spot to get along with your partners in this pandemic time. It is better to be safe than hanging around with the unseen threat of diseases. It doesn’t matter if we’ll adapt to the new environment as long as we’re doing our best to replicate love in new forms. Here, I listed 15 cozy options to date our partner in the comfort of our homes without sacrificing our health.

1. Food Trip Online

We have a road-tripping, cruise tripping, luxury tripping, and so many other trappings, but food tripping is just another type of tripping that completes your stay-at-home date with ‘Bae.’ If you’re the type of couple that doesn’t spend much time in cooking, well, online food applications are just tapped away to assist you with varieties of food. Surely, both of you will love staying in and digging into the best deep-stuffed 15-inches pizza and 5 other dishes.

2. Netflix and Chill

Sometimes the term “Netflix and Chill” is getting in on a joke itself. Beyond what is in your innocent mind all I can say is (I will never be ruining the moment). Well, this special day with bae can be something more special than your 7th date. I know you both have a hard day and this evening should be your thing. Press on the “The Switch” feature on Netflix, put on your PJs, set your phone on “do not disturb” mode, order takeaways, curl up with bae, and rewatch all the movies that moved you together. Simple yet intimate.

3. Set a Pool

It’s never too late to order an inflatable pool good for two before Valentine’s. Set up your pool right in your backyard close to your house. You can have an ultimate date floating around the pool under the moonlight, tossing cocktails. You can also move out of your grilling station and enjoy delectable food with candle lights and music.

4. Bake your DIY Sweets

Plan to have a kitchen date this time and elevate your sense of teamwork. Though baking is not your thing, trying something new either you prepare your version of Nutella s’mores and clubhouse, or bake a foam cake and cookie bars are a good way to try. Remember two heads are better than one. Besides, hanging out in the kitchen can help you both feel special at a high level and you can talk about random things while waiting for your cookies to bake.

5. Play Board Game

When was the last time you argued with who’s moving slow? I love the feeling of beating my partner and losing at the same time. It’s fun, I don’t know, I can’t explain: We call it a game night. This Valentines’ can be beyond food and late-night talks because it’s time to go back to the time when you just pull out your chair, brush your favorite strategies, laugh, and beat each other. There are so many board or card games that are good for two players (think Scrabble, Telestration, Fog of Life, Monopoly Deal, Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective, Jenga, Forbidden Island, and more). Sit down. Wait until 2 am until you finish off each other.

6. Just Dance

‘He’ knows when ‘She’ knows. Maybe you’ve always planned to go to a club but both of you don’t have time to go out. Well, time to rehash the days of high school waltz, tango, or rumba and get the hype. This is the perfect time to get close again. Real close! Choose a theme and find your fantasy. Turn off the lights, and break out the 60’s New York style of salsa. Or if you have more taste in trends, you can also try TikTok and make the best step of Anne Marie’s 2002. You’ll end the night with lighter feet and full of laughter, hugs, and kisses.

7. ‘Karaoke’ Sing-Along

Sing your hearts out! You’re dating to have fun and not to end up crying and reminiscing all your past fights, right? No need for you to fool yourselves in public and spend in an Asian-styled karaoke bar to take back your singing skills. It’s best to spend time together in the privy. Prove to your bae that you can have the best rendition of all Mariah Carey’s all-time hits. Be silly, be dramatic, be daring, be yourself completely, and indulge the moment with no judgment.

8. Couple Quiz

How much do you know about your partner? 50%? 80%? Or 101%? A must-try date experience is to test your partner’s knowledge about anything and everything. It is always interesting to find something new about your partner, isn’t it? All you need to do is to prepare some printed couple trivia and interview questionnaires. Btw, you can find many downloadable quizlets on Pinterest. If you find it a little boring, you can add some stupid twist and make up your own rules and consequences. Wrong answer? Remove a piece of clothing. Right answer? Well, choose your order. Proceed with caution and wait until both of you are naked! Ops!

9. Video Games Night

Both game enthusiasts? Well, sometimes dating is more of ‘unplugging’ devices but this time I would encourage you to plug in your favorite gaming consoles. Reunbox now your Sega Genesis 1986 version (if that still exists), Xbox 2001 version, or the latest PS5 (Wow!). What else have you got? Imagine you’re in oversized sweatshirts, sitting on a comfy couch, or the floor next to your bae, both smacking, sexy trash talking, and laughing, waiting to finish your partner’s strongest character in Tekken 7. Oh don’t forget you also have can beers and a bowl of caramel popcorn in between the two of you.

10. Brew Dates

Are you a wine, tea, or coffee person? Choose and Blend. If you’re a coffee person, have you already tried the latest dalgona coffee? One thing I love about ‘Roast dates’ is that it’s a great ice-breaking tool for the both of you. The smell of brewing coffee compliments your relationship. Brew dates at home can channel your inner mixologist that would impress your partner. Aside from that, you can talk, turn the music loud, and dance while blending coffee foams. Also, photograph your moment using Polaroid. Another happy moment unlocked!

11. Exfoliate Together

Stay together and give each other a rub down. One of the most intimate date nights has to pamper your day together. You can set up your DIY spa at home, with a few candles, scented massage oil, facial creams, and discover the tricks on YouTube while having slices of fresh fruits. To top it off, give each other a gentle massage and body scrubs and go to bed cool and fresh.

12. Stream a Virtual Concert

Since everything is switching online, surely there will be varieties of local and international virtual concerts on the 14th be sure to book ahead. Take your date night to the next level by watching your favorite K-pop boy band BTS or girl group Blackpink. Whatever you both agreed, I assure you it’s a gem route to a more solid bond.

13. Bike Together

Yep, this is not one of a date-from-home activities but still a-must try while waiting for the night to come. This is best in the morning as you wake up, sip your coffee shortly, and take a mini-adventure around your city or town. If the weather allows, you’ll surely make use of your time to breathe the early fresh air. To spin your moment, you can stop by to your favorite to-go-shop and buy some things you will go to eat in the night as you head home.

14. Work Out

Staying fit these days is a must. Knowing we consume 70% of our time at work and we barely have time to fix and work out. Working out together at home can make you feel good endorphins. This activity may be a time bound but if you push to do so, you can maintain this activity for maybe 3 more weeks or forever. No need for you to enroll in a gym class because there are a lot of things to learn online anyway.

15. Play Indoor Sports

Fitness goals with bae. Yes, it is possible that playing sports with your partner can be included as a date. The moment you spend time together and enjoy is already a date. Put that in mind. It doesn’t need to wear a red dress, or bow tie, to call it a date. Anything that involves a simple plan can be a date too! Try to buy some sports gear and allow yourselves to empower competitiveness and agility. Indoor games to try like table tennis, backyard football, Hula hoop, archery, basement skateboard, and so on. Don’t miss a bit and stay in shape together!

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