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Exploring Hongkong’s Skyscrapers

Exploring Hongkong’s Skyscrapers


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Being the world’s capital of skyscrapers, the Hong Kong skyline is surely one of the most amusing places in the world to visit. The city has approximately 42,000 buildings with about 8,000 high-rises.

Let’s look at a few of the tallest buildings in the world Hong Kong has to offer:

International Commerce Center

This building is also known as the ICC. It’s a commercial skyscraper located at West Kowloon, Hong Kong. The ICC stands as the tallest skyscraper in Hong Kong with 484 m (1,5988 ft). It is a 108 storey building with 108 floors above the ground and 4 below. It is currently recorded as the building with the largest lights and sounds shown in the Guinness Book of World Records using a total of 50,000 square meters of the building.

Bank of China Tower (Hong Kong)

This 72-storey building is located at 1 Garden Road on Hong Kong Island. Bank of China Tower is known for its unique and distinct shape and design which consists of triangular frameworks, all of which are covered by glass curtain walls. It stands at a height of 315.0 m (1,033.5 ft).

International Finance Center (One & Two)

IFC is composed of 2 buildings—tower 1 and tower 2. Both are located on the waterfront of Hong Kong’s Central District. Tower 1 stands 210 m (688 ft) tall while tower 2 stands 415 m (1361.55 ft). Tower 2 is the 2nd tallest building in Hong Kong having 88 storeys and 22 high-ceiling trading floors. The building is currently accommodating approximately 5,000 people.

The Center

This Center is the 5th tallest building in Hong Kong standing at 346 m (1,135 ft) which consists of 73 stories. This building comprises 73 stories and is notable for its arrangement of neon lights. Hundreds of them are arranged as bars, each increasing their frequency towards the top of the building. Moreover, this skyscraper was a project involved in the Land Development Corporation since many old buildings and lanes were demolished for it.

Central Plaza

The Central Plaza is a 78-storey building standing at 374 m (1,227 ft). It is located in Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. This skyscraper is known to be the 3rd tallest building in Hong Kong. Although before, it used to be the tallest one in Asia back from 1992 to 1996. It’s composed of 57 office floors, a sky lobby, and 5 mechanical plant floors. It has a public area and a public sitting area from an 8,400 m2 (90,000 sq ft) garden on the ground floor filled with trees and artificial stone paving and fountain.

Cheung Kong Center

This center is 68 storeys tall with a height of 283 m (928 ft). It has a gross floor area of 1,260,000 f2 (117,100 m2). This is one of the few taller buildings in the Hong Kong skyline to have a usual or conventional design for a building. Its external walls are uniform glass panels measuring 2.4 m x 2.1 m each, giving the people inside a 360 panoramic view of the city.


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