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Feng Shui Color Tips For A New Beginning At Your Home

Feng Shui Color Tips For A New Beginning At Your Home


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In my series of articles about Feng shui, I always want to connect to my readers the relevant things I could help to fill the spaces they need to avoid feeling static. This year becomes the year of readjustments, coping up, and speeding. So I place a specific cure to where we need to start the real transformation to cope with the ever-changing environment.

In Feng shui, color palettes are important to absorb and create the good energy we need to achieve healing. As humans, we also need to contact space and understand colors to awaken our minds and maintain our energy. In decorating my house, I’ll consider feng shui color tips to attract more luck.

As you read this article, you’ll get to change your understanding of colors concerning our house. To keep it short, I made a list related to Feng shui studies to help us get grounded. Remember, these are just tips. Anything you want to achieve in life has nothing to do with colors but with your actions. Choose what’s best for you.

1. Entryway

The entry foyer must be welcoming and warm to everyone who gets inside the house. Feng shui experts call it the ‘mouth of qi,’ where the energy first enters. The entrance of the house is one of the most relevant parts of a home because it’s the first space someone could step into. Even if we get straight to our private rooms, we should leave space for our guests to sit down while unloading their packs and be comfortable. Therefore, we don’t want our visitor’s first impression last –not when it is bad.

Best Entryway Palettes:
Shades of White: innocence, new beginnings, freshness, sense of welcoming, clarity (Metal Element)
Shades of Blue: peace, tranquility, growth, calm (Water Element)
Shades of Brown: strength, stability, grounding (Wood Element)
Shades of Pink: youth, loving, gentle, feminine, soothing, nourishment (Fire Element)

2. Common Room

Common room, public room, the room for all, or simply the living room, whatever you call it has only one purpose and that is to accommodate our friends and family twenty-four-seven. In Feng shui, this is the area where we try to reconnect and entertain. Sometimes, it’s the room where the family takes a longer time together. Therefore, the ambiance should capture all the positive energy to keep the relationship of the family and the person visiting becoming more alive.

Best Common Room Palettes:

  • Shades of Yellow: cheerfulness, happiness, vibrant, nourishing, sunny, uplifting (Earth Element)
  • Shades of Orange: optimism, openness, social, stable (Fire Element)
  • Shades of White: joy, freshness, sense of welcoming, clarity, precision (Metal Element)
  • Shades of Brown: strength, stability, grounding (Wood Element)

3. Dining Room

In modern-day home structures, the kitchen and dining room come as one. Both become the space where we cook and dine. We all know that the kitchen is the heart of our home. In Feng shui, the kitchen relates to our wealth and abundance. How our family gathered and ate together manifest how well we are. The dining room performs the bond of nourishing our bodies and shows the value of what each member of the family can give. Thus, this area must be as good looking and palatable as our food.

Best Dining Room Palettes:

  • Shades of Green: vibrant of nature, renewal, growth, freshness, health, vibrancy (Wood Element)
  • Shades of White: cleanliness, organize, suits the color of any food (Metal element)
  • Shades of Yellow and Orange: make people feel hungry, vitality, lends itself to food, social (Fire Element)
  • Shades of Brown: support, self-care, grounding (Wood Element)
  • Shades of Blue: suppresses the appetite (if you’re on a diet), healing (Water Element)

4. Comfort Room

The comfort room is the comfort of our home. The modern-day design of comfort rooms become one of the essential parts of most renovated areas because many people are adopting the era of minimalist structure. However, even with how well we design our comfort room, some Feng shui experts say this is the potential room where negative energy usually stays in so it is a bit challenging for them. But this is another story.

This room becomes a part of our everyday life. It’s where we wash our impurities; cleanse not only our body but also our mind. Feng shui experts say water indicates prosperity so we must keep our comfort room clean to maintain wealth, good health, and wisdom.

Best Comfort Room Palettes:

  • Shades of Gray and Black: strength, absorbing, transmute difficulties, wisdom (Water Element)
  • Shades of White: cleanliness, light, organize, purity (Metal element)
  • Shades of Pink: the receiver of the waste we wash away, self-care, loving, gentle, soothing, nourishment (Fire Element)
  • Shades of Blue: peace, tranquillity, growth, calm (Water Element)

5. Bedroom

A bedroom is a place where we want to achieve peace, self-isolation, tranquility, and focus –a place to sleep and recharge. It is a room where we can get the privacy we needed away from people, noises, places, and things that relate outside. In feng shui, it is a place of love and attachment. The healing powers of our bedroom complement the room color. And since we spent the rest of our time here, we choose the best out of your desire.

Best Bedroom Palettes:

  • Shades of Brown: famous Feng shui bedroom color, associates all good things, strength, stability, grounding (Wood Element)
  • Shades of Red: passion, joy and excitement, invigorate sexual desire, luck and happiness, a bond of marriage, courage (Fire Element)
  • Shades of Peace: for a single to attract a partner, luck
  • Shades of Pink: self-care, marriage area (Fire Element)

6. Workspace

The makeshift of the twenty-first century in terms of workspaces become closer and closer to us. That Generation Y working class has adopted the work-from-home setting must know the best of Feng shui’s color recommendation to attract prosperity and positive vibe in their working place at home. I call it a workspace because this is just a portion where you choose a part of your home to be your working station and not a workroom. Choose the best color that could help you boost productivity.

Best Work Space Palettes:

  • Shades of Orange: productivity, encouragement, optimism, openness, stability (Fire Element)
  • Shades of Pink: comfort, youth, work light (Fire Element)
  • Shades of White and Gray: focus, a clear mind, comfort, freshness, precision (Metal Element)
  • Shades of Brown: comfort, support, self-care, focus, support (Wood Element)


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