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Food Culture: 9 Places To Find The Best Pizza That Is Worth Travelling For

Food Culture: 9 Places To Find The Best Pizza That Is Worth Travelling For


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If I am lost somewhere else, I want to be lost with a slice of pizza in my hand. It’s easier to think when you have at least pizza. If you’re going to ask, why pizza? It’s because pizza is what makes pizza and is just crazy delicious. It is what it is.

Yes, Pizza is a territorial food. The story of pizza from where it originated was crucial for many who claim to be rivals as the best pizza maker in the world, like New York and Italy. But wherever it might be, each place has its unique homegrown ingredients that always have something to be proud of that makes their taste distinct. On any given day, you got to travel to these nine amazing places. Don’t forget to remember me and this list. DON’T MISS OUT!

1. Naples

There are over 170 pizza informants in Italy, and it’s more challenging to choose because, on the record, there were almost 2,000 best pizzerias operating in the world. Since I’m introducing to you the best pizzerias in the world, let’s begin in Italy. In Italy’s parts, we can find the best Neapolitan pizzas everywhere, not to mention Naples, the homeland of pizza. If you’re wondering what the name of the best pizzas in Naples is, I’ve chosen the top six pizzerias on the list, but ultimately, it’s all up to you which one finishes your quest of finding your top choice.

  • Pizzeria Starita A Materdei
    Via Materdei, 27/28, 80136 Napoli NA, Italy
  • L’antica Pizzeria Da Michele
    Via Cesare Sersale, 1, 80139 Napoli NA, Italy
  • Pizzeria Di Matteo
    Via dei Tribunali, 94, 80138 Napoli NA, Italy
  • Pizzaria La Notizia
    Via Michelangelo da Caravaggio, 53, 80126 Napoli NA, Italy
  • Pizzeria De Figliole
    Via Giudecca Vecchia, 39, 80139 Napoli NA, Italy
  • Pizzeria Concettina Ai Tre Santi
    Via Arena della Sanità, 7 Bis, 80137 Napoli NA, Italy

2. New York,

New York also has its incredible pizzas! I could tell you why whenever you taste one, you go and long for another. Pizzas in New York can usually be thin and light. However, it never sags because of its locally-made toppings, like homemade sauces and cheeses, fresh basils and tomatoes, just a well-balanced, soft and crunchy that stays and says it’s made from New York.

  • Lucali Pizza
    Italian in Brooklyn, Carroll Gardens
  • Razza
    Pizza, Italian in Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Di Fara Pizza
    Pizza in Brooklyn, Midwood
  • Ops
    Pizza in Bushwick
  • F&F Pizzeria
    Pizza in Brooklyn, Carroll Gardens
  • Totonno Pizzeria Napoletana
    Pizza in Brooklyn, Coney Island

3. Rome

Rome pizzas are known for their al taglio (by the slice), which is a lot easier and quicker to bite and is also good for any takeaway occasions during the day. Pizzas here are usually known for their fluffy-chewy texture and slices in a square or sometimes domino-shaped. For some chic balance, Romana taste is always better with a glass of vino.

  • Pizzeria da Remo
    Piazza S.M.Liberatrice, 44 (Testaccio)
  • Ai Marmi
    Viale Trastevere, 53 (Trastevere)
  • Emma
    Via Monte della Farina, 28 (Campo de’ Fiori)
  • L’Elementaire
    Via Benedetta, 23 (Trastevere)
  • Emma
    Via Monte della Farina, 28 (Campo de’ Fiori)
  • Berberè
    Via Mantova, 5 (Nomentana)

4. Venice

Antico Forno

Aside from Italy’s best gelato, you don’t have to look any further because Venice with its most iconic canal walking tour -you can also find here one of Italian’s giant-sized pizzas. It is reasonable why everyone is fascinated with the heavenly scent of the romantic ambiance taking effect in every pizza bite. What I also love about Venice artisanal bakers is that they use organic and raw materials in making their dough. That makes me not feel guilty about eating greasy pizzas.

  • Antico Forno
    Ruga Rialto, 973, 30125 Venezia VE, Italy
  • Rossopomodoro
    Calle Larga SAN. Marco, 404, 30124 Venezia VE, Italy
  • Arte Della Pizza
    Calle de l’Aseo, 1861A, 30121 Venezia VE, Italy
  • Pizza al Volo, Venezia
    Dorsoduro, 2944, 30123 Venezia VE, Italy
  • Pizzeria Trattoria All’anfora
    Calle Larga dei Bari, 1223, 30135 Venezia VE, Italy

5. Los Angeles

Los Angeles pizzas are crafted with a more rustic look ethos that makes them more classic than the original ones in Neapolitan. It’s been about a decade that I’ve been scouting for the best since there is none in LA because every single slice is incomparable. Each was baked with high-quality ingredients that are full of explosive taste from crust to finish. And if you’re looking for some pretty hard to beat, their ones are a must-try.

  • Cosa Buona -Echo Park
  • Triple Beam Pizza -Highland Park
  • Roberta’s -Culver City
  • Ronan -Fairfax
  • Superfine Pizza -Downtown
  • Pizzana -San Vicente Blvd

6. Chicago

Chicago’s pizzas were usually baked in the oven, topped with fresh ingredients, and different types and textures of cheeses. Chicago has its distinct taste that has never lost its style and essence that when you have your first bite you could just taste the pizza and the relevance of its process. Adding their home rendition of country music will surely set your mood to eat more and go search for the second known signature pizza in town.

  • Spacca Napoli Pizzeria
    1769 W Sunnyside Ave, Chicago, IL 60640-5312
  • Burt’s Place
    8541 Ferris Ave, Morton Grove, IL 60053, United States
  • Gino’s East
    521 South Dearborn Chicago, IL 60665
  • Five Squared
    135 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60612, United States
  • Pizzeria Serio
    1708 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60657, United States
  • The Foxhole at Coda di Volpe
    3335 N Southport Ave, Chicago, IL 60657, United States

7. Milan

Walk-in downtown in Milan like no other, the place with great restaurants that offers the quality of its pizza is extravagant and classy like in the movie. The sidewalks in Milan on Saturday nights are the best, and you know you’re walking by a pizza house when you’re walking with the population. One of the unforgettable experiences in Milan is their selection of beers and wines that are best to partner with their hugely-served pizzas.

  • Pizza AM – Pizzeria, Italian
  • Superpizza -Pizzeria, Italian
  • Cinder Mount -Pizzeria, Italian
  • Gino Sorbillo Lievito Madre -Pizzeria, Italian
  • SPIB Pizza -Pizzeria, Italian

8. India

Major cities in India are composed of notable pizzerias and pizza brands like Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Laziz Pizza, PizzaExpress, Papa John’s Pizza, and more that have been distributed and known worldwide. India’s pizzas are known for their species overload and surely you’ll love their tangy marinara sauce that brings joy to every toothsome experience. So when you have a chance to invade the place with selected pizzerias that gained reputation and are guaranteed worth visiting in the place, India is one of those.

  • Mia Cucina, Mumbai
    G3, Transocean House, Lake Boulevard Street, Hiranandani Business Park, Powai, Mumbai
  • Oven Story, Mumbai
    Shop A 1-4, Kalpak Estate, S K Mistri Marg, Antop Hill, Wadala Mumbai
  • Jamie’s Pizzeria, Mumbai
    High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel, Mumbai
  • Crazy Cheesy Café, Pune
    35 T-40, Ganga Bhagyoday, Wadgaon Budruk, Sinhagad Road, Pune
  • Fire And Ice Pizzeria, Kalkota
    41, Kolkata Municipal Corp., Chowringhee Road, Camac Street Area, Kalkota
  • Chianti, Bangalore
    960, 12th Main, Hal 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore

9. Canada

The Good Son Restaurant

The era of evolution in Canada becomes ripped off all the hipsters and old-school taste to name a few like Rose Bowl and Tony’s Pizza Place. To mount Canada’s signature haunts, they’ll always be distinguished as pizzas with smoky flavored meatballs, shrimp, BBQ chicken sauce, and pineapple tidbits (which some people hated but are for me one of the essentials).

  • The Good Son – Toronto
  • Antico Pizza Napoletana – Kelowna
  • Nina, Pizza Napolitaine – Québec
  • Pizzeria Gusto – Winnipeg
  • Pizza NO.900 – Montréal
  • Brigade Pizzeria Napolitaine – Montréal


Please note that this article is written for inspiration and a better future travel experience only. This does not mean we encourage our readers to travel during the pandemic. To someone who wishes to travel this time, we would recommend to our audience to please check and follow the Travel Advisories for your intended destination and choose the method that works best for you. Also, the details above may vary to change at any time.

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