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Prague’s (Czech Republic) Most Remarkable Places To Go And Things To Do

Prague’s (Czech Republic) Most Remarkable Places To Go And Things To Do


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Prague is known as the “City of a Hundred Spires” also the home of famous architectural landmarks which are full of sprawling castles, dreamy bridges, nouveau towns, pubs that have an abundance of beers, and palatable Palačinky!

There surely isn’t an unlucky day, either bad tripping or untimely visit here. The city center of the Czech Republic will always welcome you with sheer beauty, love, and scent. Whatever season you visited the place will absolutely complement your day. Here, let me navigate you from Prague’s world-class museums and meander down to the riverside –the spots you always want to go back to!

Navigate To The Old Town Square

Prague’s Old Town Square was completely built in 1364 and said to be the tallest structure in town. It is different from most town halls in the world because of its connected structure from other medieval buildings. One of the highlights in this place is Prague’s astronomical clock or known as ‘Orloj’. It is almost possible to miss this place because it absolutely highlights the perfect positioning of the clock from the square.

The House At The Minute

It’s located just near the Old Town Hall complex where you can witness the stylish sgraffito façade decorated from mythological and biblical reference. The famous writer Franz Kafka lived in this particular house from 1889 to 1896 with his family. You can see the full reflection of the Czech from this townhouse.

The Magnificence Of The Charles Bridge

Walking for me is so therapeutic, especially that we have spent much in our homes, but there is no way more therapeutic walking across the Charles Bridge in Prague. The bridge name was taken from the late Charles IV in the 19th century. It was commissioned in 1357 that was washed away by the flood and was completed in 1390. This walking experience is more memorable when you walk across this bridge there’s quite a sense of nostalgia.

Explore The Historical Prague Castle

Prague Castle is the symbol that signifies the importance of the Czech state for more than a thousand years. The 45 hectares cover historical places, churches, offices, and other architectural buildings. Since the 9th century, the place has been ruled and now is the place of the Czech president. The castle’s panoramic view is one of the must-see chances when you visit Prague. The ground of the castle is free although the moment you explore its entirety has a priority ticket which you will need to walk in for the next 2.5-hour -I guarantee you it’s a worthy tour.

Golden Lane – The Mysterious Alchemist Road

In terms of roads and bridges, there was always a myth attached to it that became debatable. However, the more people argue about history the more curious they become. Like the mysterious story of the Golden Lane, legends believe that an alchemist had turned ordinary things into gold on this street yet left no trace. Czech-Jewish writer Franz Kafka used a house here during his writing career because he enjoyed the calmness of the environment that motivated him to write for two years.

Variety Of Memorabilia In KGB Museum

This small museum in Prague was established by a Russian collector. The collector hoarded a variety of memorabilia mostly relating to the secret police business of the Soviet Union. Treasures you can find here are some spy cameras, weapons (including Stalin’s scarf), kinds of pistols, electric equipment for torture, motorcycle, and many more. Another spectacular image to see in the museum is the photographs of ancient Prague taken by a KGB officer in 1968 that appears empty.

Instagrammable John Lennon Wall

Vocalist John Lennon after his death on 8TH December 1980, became the most admirable artist for many young Czechs. Although Prague is quite distant from Liverpool, the birthplace of the band ‘The Beatles’ muralists has created these beautiful murals to pay homage for the all-time fav of the decade. But sadly, the murals turned into political remains where pop music was banned by the communists, and those who got to play the band’s music were put into jail. The anger leaves nothing but John Lennon’s eyes.

Learn Inside the Communism Museum

When I first saw the turmoil trend of the political history that was dumped in one museum, I became a bit of Antiquarian, a person who has an interest in human history, its object, and trivia that accounts for its age. I can say, the tour and the scattered things you can see are worth the Czech Republic’s history to tell. Under the communist rule in Europe from 1948 to 1989, there were reportedly 200,000 Czechs arrested and over 300 were shot dead. Inside the museum, you’ll find old photographs, films, tools, machines, and other old-aged equipment collected during the conflict.

Watch The Ceremonial Changing of Guards

To witness the ceremonial changing of guards in the first courtyard in the Prague Castle you have to at least arrive before midday to capture the formal fanfare and banner exchange. The guards being employed were merely to serve the president of the Czech Republic. They have very strict recruitment that requires the guards’ qualification of 1.78 to 1.88 meters tall to serve. Also, their uniforms are worn exclusively for the medieval castle.

The Largest St. Vitus Treasury Church In The Czech

One of the top-toured places in Prague and the most extensive and the largest treasury in the Czech Republic is the treasury church of St. Vitus. The visibility of this church can easily be seen on the castle grounds. The Treasury of St. Vitus Cathedral acquires the most significant relics that embody the country’s milestone from their major losses during the Hussite wars up to the moment of its regains. The admirable artifacts that can be found in the place include the tomb of St. John of Nepomuk, the cross with a fragment of Christ’s loincloth, emblem of the Peter Parler family, Reliquary of St. Catherine, and tablecloth from the last supper.

Spot The Dangling Statue Of Sigmund Freud

What is Sigmund Freud doing up there? For those who are not familiar with Sigmund Freud –he is the world’s most famous psychoanalyst who devoted his life studying phobias. The seven-foot-tall sculpture that hangs in the sublime area of Stare Mesto is known as “The Man Hanging Out” often mistaken as a suicide attempt, but the truth its signifies a bolder meaning of how challenging Freud’s work was and his broad contribution in the study of human behavior. This work of art by Czech sculptor David Černý was also displayed in Chicago, Berlin, London, Seoul, and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Prague View From The River Vltava

For the past 1000 years, this Vltava River flow was developed spanning the views of Prague, the bridge, and the pedestals. Joining on a cruise is a unique experience to see the beauty of the historical building of the city from a distant view. The two hours or more stay on board with a fine lunch or dinner is such a wonderful experience to try with matching scenes of swans and other bird species flying on the riverside.

Walk The Backstreets Of Mala Strana, The Heart Of Prague

The Mala Strana Walk is famous in the place especially at night time when there are seldom cars parked. Fans of architecture will surely appreciate the beauty of the hallway witnessing the decorative facades of old buildings and churches erect in one direction. As you go on for a walk you will venture into Baroque Lesser Town Square known as ‘the Heart of Mala Strana’ where you can enjoy browsing antiques and vintage merchandise from the sidewalk shops, leading you to the nightlife as you reach pubs and restos in the dead end.

Climb The 299 Steps To Petřín Lookout Tower

Before stepping to the Lookout Tower of Petrin, first, you’ll see one of the greenest spaces on Earth at the back of the Vltava River. This tower has even been conceived as the mini version of the Eiffel Tower in Paris because of its seemingly the same structure. To reach the top you need to step 299 to see the magnificent view from the ground. Others who have a telescope should not forget to bring it!

Fall In Love With The Falling Leaves At Letna Parks

This park is the most popular meeting place for skateboarders and of course lovers! Who would not have fallen in love with the different hues of the mature trees and the falling leaves of this park? For me, it’s the most ideal place for bookworms. There isn’t more relaxing than watching skateboarders hop and swing on the carpet of leaves while fronting the rich view of Letna Hall.

Please note that this article is written for inspiration and a better future travel experience only. This does not mean we encourage our readers to travel during the pandemic. To someone who wishes to travel this time, we would recommend to our audience to please check and follow the Travel Advisories for your intended destination and choose the method that works best for you. Also, the details above may vary to change at any time.

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