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Where To Get Millions Of Free Books? Here’s For My Bookaholic Friends

Where To Get Millions Of Free Books? Here’s For My Bookaholic Friends


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If I’m going to ask you how much time you spend reading a book on a regular day, would you choose to spend 30 minutes of your life reading a book daily? And would you dare to finish a book per week if you can? Well, in my case I’ve been so much into reading. Not to mention I’m social media savvy, but yes, I’m all over the INTERNET 24/7 and half of me revolves around reading and creating various content and so much of a reader, my favorite book applications were all stored on my phone.

What I like about eBooks in most cases is that it’s free, accessible, more convenient, environment friendly because it’s paperless, and mostly I no longer need to leave my chair. There are so many advantages if you’re going to compare it with a physical book (but hey! I’m not saying physical books are not my thing, I have a library at home though digital books always pave their way on me). So, to share with you my top favorites that will above all complement your genres and needs, I made a list!


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Not yet on Goodreads? Well, you’ll find yourself after reading this. Goodreads tops among the many book applications all over the internet. It is one of the largest reading applications that stores all the books you’ve read, currently reading, and the ones you want to read. The first time I’m on Goodreads I thought it was just for book recommendations and book reviews but it works beyond that because there’s so much more you can get from author updates to giveaways and unlimited access to quotes!

The website itself is much easier to navigate and you can have the chance to read the latest version of the book that has ones on Kindle.

Amazon Kindle

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Kindle was developed by Amazon, and later becomes the ideal platform of reading for work and school that keeps everyone’s selected books stored in one library. Kindle books are also transferable via a USB cable where you can read whatever gadget you intend. What I like about Kindle is that it has all the latest versions of books that I wanted to read so it is easier for me to find the real ones. Simply, this app is web-oriented and reliable most of the time.

Google Play Books

iOs, Android
Obviously from its name, it was developed by Google. With over 4 million users, your reading experience would take you everywhere. Your books for reading can also be available offline. This application has a direct dictionary where you can instantly find your way to comprehend. Aside from its accessibility, you can also play with its fonts and colors for a happier and comfy reading experience.



iOs, Android
Rule #1 Just Read Everything You Want. Having some hard time choosing between this or that? Well, choosing must be very hard if I say Oodles has over 50,000 free books, that was really a huge option! But it would have been selfish if you only read one book at a time, ‘cause that just doesn’t work for me if I have plenty of books to choose from the store, I would definitely bring two books or more. This app was basically made easy for you to search and access different categories, from a traditional book to a more realistic one, this can stay on your home screen for sure!


iOs, Android, Cloud
SCRIBD is not only the number one book application for students, teachers, and professionals but foremost it places the best spot to those who want to note themselves as ‘beyond readers.’ The huge part of SCRIBD in today’s generation has played a huge role in every user as its contents have mixtapes of academic books, documents from local to international authors, music sheets, and even magazines.

What is best about this app is that you can subscribe to the works of other people and get updates from them through emails.


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Reading alone or reading with circles, which one you’re comfortable with? Litsy is a top choice for extroverts who are mostly into reading and sharing their thoughts about the development of their reading with other individuals. Here, you can never be out of place because you’ll have the opportunity to connect with others and enable you to exchange favorite books for instance.


iOs, Android, Amazon
This app is a product from the poetry foundation which brings other kits for poetry lovers. If you want to not get rid of and always go back with the masterpieces of William Shakespeare, Heather McHugh, Cesar Vallejo, and other classical and modern poets you can always find it here! It’s great to spare some of your time reading poems especially when you’re in a middle line of a grocery store.


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