Why You Should Not Over Workout During A Pandemic

Why You Should Not Over Workout During A Pandemic


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There is no doubt that for a large section of population across the world, things have never been the same ever since the Covid-19 pandemic struck China during December 2019. We did not pay too much heed to it and woke up to a rude shock when the WHO informed us in February 2020 that this has become a pandemic. Since then, Covid-19 has been spreading like wild-fire across the world. Many nations have been badly while there around 20 to 25 nations that have literally been torn apart by this viral infection. Countries like the USA, India and Brazil have borne the brunt of Covid-19 and the number of infected people has reached a staggering number of around 27 million. The disease also has resulted in the death of around 875,000 people across the world. The number of infected and the number of deaths still continue to be a cause of concern.

It Has Redefined Life

Many of us have started hearing and speaking the words quarantine and isolation more frequently than ever before. This is because millions of people have been forced indoors. Companies have brought in strict work-from-home norms while the small and medium sized units have had no other option but to close down operations.

With nothing much to day being locked down in the four walls of the home, many people have started complaining of overweight, obesity and other such problems. Therefore many people have started believing that exercise during lockdown is the best way to keep themselves fit. While staying alone may lead to overeating or binge-eating, many have cut down on their intake of food and have also started indulging in rigorous exercising in their homes.

In this article we will try and understand whether getting into rigorous exercising is good or bad. Or will it lead to a situation where our body will become a victim of over exercise. There are different opinions and thought processes about this and will try and find out where exactly the truth is.

Anything That Is Overdone Is Bad

While understanding the importance and significance of exercise during pandemic is a good idea, we should know where to draw the line between what is desirable and what is overdoing it. We are listing down a few reasons which might help to exercise caution and care while we get into those extra vigorous bouts of exercising and workouts.

We Might Forget The Limits

We need to bear in mind that our body is a fantastic machine and it has some awesome self-regulatory mechanisms. Hence, even if we fail to get into normal workouts and exercises for a particular phase of our life, it should not be a big cause of worry. In case you find that your home does not provide the right facility and infrastructure to work out and do exercises the way you were doing before the pandemic, do not break your head over it. Get into some light workouts like yoga, brisk walking even inside your home and most importantly, try and restrict the quantum of junk, fatty and carbohydrate-food that you consume. This should be enough and should keep your body weight and fitness levels in decent condition.

You Could Be Depressed

The forced lockdown has led to a number of direct and indirect consequences. People who love to spend their time outdoors have suddenly found themselves locked down in the four walls of their homes. Many people who are not working for big corporates and other such big names have had to face layoffs and retrenchments. Many of them suddenly find that they are unable to pay their EMIs and bills on time. Getting treated in case of a covid-19 infection is sending shock waves amongst thousands of people. Further, many find themselves staying away from their near and dear and their boyfriends and girlfriends. All this is leading to high levels of depression.

Depression often leads to bouts of binge-eating and over-eating. The people suddenly find that they have added a few kilograms to their already overweight body. This leads to the pressing of panic buttons. These people become crazy about their fitness levels and would like to do what it takes to shed those extra inches of fat. While it is necessary to stay healthy with the right body weight, trying to reduce it overnight could be a wrong thing to do. Overstressing and overworking the body could lead to higher risk of injuries and other problems. Hence, you should refrain from overworking your body during a pandemic lockdown.

Many People Cut Down On Food

Fitness fads and others who measure their body weight almost on a daily basis become paranoid when they see their body weight increasing by a few grams or even a few kilograms. They go on an overdrive of exercise during lockdown. They combine it with their food intake. This may lead to a stage of malnutrition and this again may result in negative results. In such situations, it would be better to stay away from overworking the body.

We Fail To Listen To Our Body

This is a common mistake that we make and we get into frenzied workouts during the pandemic lockdown situation. We overdo it and try to release stress by punishing our body and pushing it beyond the limits. This should be avoided because it is fraught with risk and could lead to more problems than solutions.

Don’t Do It To Impress Others

When we have nothing to do during the lockdown period, we often try to share our workout videos and photographs to our friends, girlfriends and boyfriends. We do so to impress others and to keep the good image intact, we push our body even further to the extent that the entire workouts become painful and torturous. Hence, overworking to impress others should be avoided. You should be answerable to yourselves and not to anybody else. Don’t indulge in anything just to impress others.

Yes, while staying idle and inactive in our homes during the Covid-19 pandemic is unavoidable, we should not overreact and overdo things as far as workouts, food habits and weight reduction objectives are concerned. You must understand the needs and requirements of our body. No two individuals are the same and drawing comparison with peers and others should be avoided by parents, teachers and other stakeholders.

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