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10 Ways To Get Over The Feeling Of Not Being Good Enough

10 Ways To Get Over The Feeling Of Not Being Good Enough


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There will indeed be times when we would somehow think we are not good enough. Unfortunately, this could lead to depression and maybe something even worse. Hence, better know how to feel good about yourself. Here are a few ways how to get over feeling inadequate:

1. Recall Past Achievements

There were certainly moments in your life when you felt really good about yourself whether it is winning the spelling bee or even being on top of the class in an exam. Some people could have forgotten those moments but you can look for pictures and videos that show proof those moments existed. A trip back to memory lane could certainly prove to be beneficial for you. As they say, those are happy times you would cherish for the rest of your life even if you are physically incapable of doing them again. Talking to your friends about those memories would help.

2. Stop Comparing with Others

There will be times when you will be jealous of the accomplishments of others. The truth is we are all born different from one another. For example, your brother could be good at programming while you are good at drawing. You can’t push yourself to be good at something you are not so better just push yourself to be better at what you are good at. After all, it is what you enjoy so better do a lot of things with it so you can be a bit satisfied in the long run.

3. Seek Therapy

It is common to think that seeking therapy or professional help can be a bit expensive. However, you would never know once you get to try it. The truth is these professionals studied their craft for a pretty long time so you will surely get your money’s worth one way or the other. When you finally meet the therapist, you can blurt out all of your problems then the therapist will know what to tell your right away. It won’t be long before you would realize you made the right call in going to a professional.

4. Speak to a Close Friend

A true friend would not let you down during times when you are struggling with yourself. It would make you feel better when you talk to your friend about the good times. Surely, the friend may not be a professional but this person should know how to cheer you up. If the friend is a true one then he should be able to respond pretty quickly. After all, you can do a bunch of ways to contact that person and if he replies right away then you are one step closer to solving the problem that you have right now.

5. Meet New People

Go to seminars, bars or even tourist attractions to meet lots of new people. You would definitely get different impressions but this would definitely distract you from the problems you are having right now. Add that to the fact that you will meet people who share some common interests. This will no doubt lead to bigger things when you get to organize events in the future about doing those things that you would certainly have fun with. Additionally, you would never really know when you can make use of these people. As they say, people need people so always bring your phone and exchange numbers with people once you talk to them for a few hours and find out you have a lot in common.

6. Focus on Process Instead of Results

We can all agree on the fact that we can’t really predict what would happen in the end. As a result, we should just focus on the process of getting there when the time is right. After all, you should bring a lot of effort into doing something that you are not used to. It is never wrong to seek the help of others especially if they will contribute a lot to making the end result is a pretty good one.

7. Complete an Act of Kindness

Being kind to other people or even animals would be such a great act that would most definitely result in good karma in the future. Hence, you should find it in yourself to complete an act of kindness almost every day. It should not really be something that you can’t do but you should be motivated to do it so that you can get used to it in a short amount of time.

8. Learn a New Skill

Life is too short to be preoccupied with the same old skills that you possess all the time. It won’t hurt to try something new like gardening at home or even baking goods. After all, when you do that then you can feel a bit proud of yourself. It would go to show how much you are willing to walk the extra mile and you can even start a business about it. You never know if your newfound skill would be a new hobby that you will end up doing each day.

9. Identify Goals

We would all have different goals in life and you should know what it is right away so you should always be focused on it. Do you want to have more Twitter followers or to start a business? Whatever it is, you must identify it as early as possible so that you can accomplish it then move towards the next goal. It is normal to have many goals and making a list of each accomplished one would make you feel pretty good about yourself in the long run.

10. Take a Vacation

There will be times when we just need to clear our heads in order to prepare ourselves for the future. This would be one great way to do it and going to the beach or even the mountains would be nice as long as you have fun with it. Be sure to go with the right people and not the ones that would stress you out.

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