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12 Signs That You’re Way Too Obsessed With Your Dog

12 Signs That You’re Way Too Obsessed With Your Dog


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If you think you might be a bit too obsessed with your pup, don’t worry – you’re definitely not alone. Having a deep connection with your dog is one of the best feelings in the world, but there are some signs that it may be taking over your life. In this blog post, we’ll go over 12 signs that you’re way too obsessed with your furry companion. From dressing them up in cute outfits to constantly posting pictures of them on social media, you’ll know if you’ve taken your obsession a step too far.


1. You have more photos of your dog than of yourself

If you’re obsessed with your dog, then chances are you take more photos of them than of yourself. Your phone is filled with selfies of you and your pup, snapshots of them running around the park, and dozens of other candid shots. You might even have a particular folder or album on your device dedicated to your pup’s cutest moments. If you find yourself constantly snapping pictures of your pup, it’s a sure sign that you’re too obsessed with it!


2. You’ve given your dog a social media account

If you’ve taken the time to create a social media profile for your pup, chances are you’re pretty obsessed with them. Whether it’s an Instagram account to showcase their daily shenanigans or a Facebook page dedicated to their cuteness, these accounts can be a great way to share your pup’s antics with friends and family. While you may get some playful ribbing about your pup’s presence on the internet, it’s clear that you care enough about them to make sure they’re featured front and center. So, if you’ve given your dog its own social media profile, there’s no doubt that you’re head over heels in love with them!


3. You talk about your dog more than you talk about anything else

Do you find yourself talking about your dog non-stop? Do you mention your pup in conversations more often than anything else? If so, it’s safe to say you’re obsessed with your dog!

One of the most obvious signs that you’re overly attached to your pup is when you’re always talking about them. Whether it’s with friends, family, or coworkers, you can’t help but mention your dog. You talk about their latest tricks, funny quirks, and cute antics. You talk about how much you love them and how happy they make you. You bring them up in co

If you find yourself talking about your pup all the time, that’s a sure sign that you’re obsessed. After all, dogs are part of our lives, but they shouldn’t be the only thing we talk about. So if you notice that you’re talking about your pup more than anything else, it’s time to take a step back and focus on other things too.


4. You’ve turned your home into a shrine to your dog

Do you have walls of framed photos of your pup? Are their paw prints scattered across the walls? Is there a cozy corner dedicated just to your dog? If so, it’s likely that you’ve turned your home into a shrine to your dog.

For some pet owners, this can be a way of showing love and affection. It’s a way of displaying how much they care for their furry friend. They might also feel that it helps to create a special bond between them and their pet.

Whether it’s a wall of pictures or a little nook filled with their favorite toys, these signs of devotion are a testament to how much you adore your pup. Of course, it’s essential not to let it go too far, as it could cause problems for other family members in the home. But if done in moderation, it can be a beautiful way to honor your pet.


5. You spend more money on your dog than on yourself

It’s not uncommon for pet owners to spend more money on their furry companions than on themselves. After all, our dogs are an integral part of our lives and bring us so much joy. But if you find that you’re spending more money on your pup than on yourself, it could be a sign that you’re too obsessed with your four-legged friend. From luxury beds and designer collars to gourmet treats and toys, it’s easy to splurge on our pets – even if it means sacrificing some of our own needs. When we love something or someone, we want to provide the best for them, especially when it comes to our pets.

Finding yourself constantly shelling out for your pup could signify that you’re putting your needs second. If this is the case, it’s important to remember to take care of yourself too. While it’s okay to spoil your dog every once in a while, make sure you’re still taking time to treat yourself too!


6. You’ve given your dog a unique name

If you’ve gone the extra mile and given your dog a unique name, it could signify that you are obsessed with them. When we give animals a name, it usually reflects how much we care about them. By giving your pup an original, creative name, you’re showing that you put a lot of thought and effort into naming them – and that you consider them to be a particular part of your family. Names like “Scooter” or “Biscuit” won’t do; you’re looking for something that really captures the essence of your pooch and shows off its distinct personality. From mythological names to puns and made-up words, giving your dog an unusual name is a great way to express your love and devotion.


7. You buy your dog presents for every holiday

If you’re a die-hard dog lover, you probably treat your pup like a child. That means that you’re buying them presents for every holiday! Whether it’s a new toy or a special treat, you make sure your pup has something to celebrate. Even when there isn’t a memorable holiday, you still spoil your pup with the latest chew toy or a squeaky ball. You can’t resist giving your pup a little something special to show how much you love them!


8. You make sure your dog is always well-groomed

If you’re obsessed with your dog, you likely take pride in ensuring that your pup is always looking its best. This can involve frequent trips to the groomer for baths, haircuts, nail trims, and more. You might even have all of the tools and supplies needed to keep your dog looking and smelling great yourself. No matter the case, you make sure that your pup is always well-groomed so that they look their absolute best.


9. You take your dog with you everywhere you go

If you’re obsessed with your pup, you will likely take your furry companion with you everywhere you go. Whether it’s a quick jaunt to the local cafe or a long road trip, your pup is always by your side. Not only does this provide you with great company, but it also gives you an excuse to show off your beloved pet. Furthermore, if you live an active lifestyle, it’s even more likely that your pup will accompany you on all of your adventures.


10. You refer to your dog as your child

If you find yourself referring to your pup as your “child” or your “baby” then it’s probably a sign that you are a little too obsessed with your four-legged best friend. After all, the relationship between you and your pup is unique and special, and it’s not hard to understand why you might feel so attached. After all, your pup is always there for you when you need a cuddle or some comfort. They are always happy to see you, no matter what kind of day you’ve had. And, of course, they’re always ready for some fun and playtime. It’s no wonder that you might start thinking of them as family.

But it’s important to remember that while your relationship with your pup is significant, they are still animals and need to be trained and respected. So while it’s totally okay to refer to your pup as your child in conversation, it’s also important to remember to treat them as pets, not people.


11. You get jealous when someone pays more attention to their dog than to yours

There’s nothing wrong with being a proud pet parent, but if you get jealous when someone pays more attention to their dog than to you, it could be a sign that you’re overly obsessed with your pup. It can be especially tough when it’s someone close to you who showers their dog with love and affection—and even more so when it’s your partner or family member doing the doting. It’s natural to feel a pang of envy, but if it becomes an issue, it could be a sign that you’ve taken your obsession too far.

To help you keep it in check, remind yourself that your bond with your pup is unique and special—and that nobody else can replicate it. And if you start feeling jealous of other people’s relationships with their dogs, try to focus on finding ways to strengthen your own connection with your four-legged friend.


12. You can’t imagine life without your dog

For many pet owners, the bond with their dogs is so strong that they can’t imagine life without them. You may feel like you’ve known your furry friend since they were a puppy, and you’ve shared countless memories together. You don’t want to think about the possibility of having to say goodbye to them one day.

The connection between a pet owner and their dog is something special and unique. They bring so much joy into our lives and make us laugh, even on our darkest days. Even when we don’t feel like going outside or being social, our pup is always ready for an adventure or a snuggle session.

Your pup is your best friend, and you can’t imagine life without them. They improve everything, from taking walks in the park to cuddling up on the couch for movie night. No matter what life throws your way, your pup will always be by your side – and that’s why you can’t imagine life without them.


Wrapping Up

No matter how obsessed you may be with your dog, the truth is that they will always love you unconditionally. Dogs bring so much joy and comfort into our lives, and it’s no wonder that many of us develop an intense bond with our furry friends. While some signs of obsession may seem a bit extreme, it’s all part of the fantastic relationship we share with our canine companions. If you recognize yourself in any of the signs above, there’s nothing to worry about—it just means you are one of the many people out there who loves their dog deeply and unconditionally!

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