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12 Strange and Unusual Food Combinations From Around The World

12 Strange and Unusual Food Combinations From Around The World


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Food is one of the most important aspects of cultures around the world. While some cultures have similar dishes, others are truly unique and exotic. Have you ever wondered what strange and unusual food combinations different cultures have? If so, you’ll be interested to know that there are some genuinely unique food combinations around the world. Read on to discover some of the strangest and most unusual food combinations you may have never heard of.


1. Spaghetti with ice cream

Spaghetti with ice cream is a peculiar yet surprisingly delicious food combination found in some parts of the world. While this combination might sound off-putting, it’s actually quite tasty. The savory tomato-based spaghetti sauce is complemented by the sweet, creamy ice cream, creating a unique flavor.

It’s believed that this combination originated in Naples, Italy, but it can be found all over the world today. In South America, for example, you can find variations of spaghetti with ice cream served in cafes and restaurants. It’s also popular in Japan, where it’s often served as a dessert after dinner.

Why not give this unusual combination a try? All you need to do is cook some spaghetti and top it with a scoop of your favorite ice cream. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well the two flavors complement each other. You can even customize your dish by adding extra toppings like sprinkles, chocolate chips, or whipped cream. Give it a shot, and you might find yourself hooked!


2. Fish and custard

Fish and custard are some of the weirdest food pairs you can try. The combination originated in East Africa, particularly in Uganda. This unlikely combination is made with a white fish, usually tilapia, and a vanilla custard.

The custard is made by boiling and stirring milk, sugar, eggs, and vanilla extract in a pan until the mixture thickens. The fish is then placed on top of the custard, which gives it a unique texture.

It’s widely believed that this dish originated out of necessity, as the locals didn’t have refrigeration and had to find creative ways to store fish.

Regardless of their origins, fish and custard have become popular dishes worldwide, particularly in East Africa. Some people even add curry powder or other spices to give it an extra kick. So, if you’re looking for something unique to try, why not try this strange combination?


3. PB&J sushi

PB and J sushi make one of the most surprising and delicious food blends worldwide. This unique dish was founded in Japan and is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. It’s prepared by wrapping sushi rice and seaweed around a peanut butter and jelly mixture. The flavors and textures blend together to create a memorable experience.

Combining two classic American ingredients with traditional Japanese sushi may seem strange, but the combination works surprisingly well. The sweetness of the jelly balances out the saltiness of the peanut butter, while the peanut’s crunchy texture contrasts with the sushi rice’s softness.

If you are feeling adventurous and want to try something new, give PB&J sushi a try. It’s sure to be a hit at any dinner party or gathering!


4. Grilled cheese and tomato soup

When it comes to bizarre food combinations, few are more iconic than grilled cheese and tomato soup. This classic combo has been around for generations, yet its popularity has never waned. Whether it’s a delightful lunch for a cold day or a nostalgic throwback to childhood, this unique pairing is beloved by many.

For those who haven’t experienced the magic of grilled cheese and tomato soup, here’s how it works. Start with a hot, toasted sandwich with your favorite cheese and bread. Place it into a bowl of steaming hot tomato soup, and voila! The result is a hearty and delicious meal that warms you up from the inside out.

The classic combination of gooey cheese and savory tomato soup is surprisingly versatile, too. Try using different types of cheese or bread for a variety of flavors. For an even heartier meal, add slices of ham or turkey to the sandwich before dunking it in the soup. The possibilities are endless.

If you have yet to try it, it’s time to experience the joy of grilled cheese and tomato soup. It’s the perfect comfort food for any occasion!


5. Macaroni and cheese with ketchup

Macaroni and cheese with ketchup may sound like an odd combination to some, but it’s not uncommon in countries like France, Mexico, Canada, and the United States. People from these countries have been pairing mac and cheese with ketchup for years.

The combination of ketchup and mac and cheese may seem strange initially, but once you try it, you’ll understand why it’s becoming everyone’s favorite. The sweetness of the ketchup complements the richness of the cheese sauce, making for a savory and delicious meal.

Many people enjoy this odd pairing by adding ketchup to their mac and cheese. But others prefer to mix the ketchup into the cheese sauce or even add a few spoonfuls to the pasta before baking it.

No matter how you choose to make your mac and cheese with ketchup, it’s sure to be an exciting experience. Why not give this strange food combination a try? You might like it more than you thought!


6. Chocolate-covered bacon

Chocolate-covered bacon is one of the most unexpected yet surprisingly tasty food combinations out there. Originating in the United States, this sweet and savory dish is made by coating thick slices of bacon with melted chocolate. The mixture of crunchy bacon and velvety smooth chocolate is unlike anything else, making it a must-try for anyone with an adventurous palate.

What makes this odd combo so tasty is the contrast between salty and sweet. The bacon brings an element of smoky, savory flavor to the dish, while the sweetness of the chocolate ties it all together. The balance between the two flavors is perfect, and the texture is delightful.

If you want to try something unique, give chocolate-covered bacon a shot. You won’t be disappointed!


7. Peanut butter and pickles

The peanut butter and pickles combination may sound strange to some, but it’s a popular snack in the Southern United States. Peanut butter and pickles are a sweet-and-sour flavor pairing that surprisingly works well together. The creamy texture of the peanut butter is balanced by the tartness of the pickles, making this snack a treat you can’t miss out on.

This combo has been around for decades and is still loved today by many. Some people enjoy it as a sandwich, with the pickles between two slices of bread and peanut butter spread over them. Others like to eat it straight from the jar or make a dip for chips or crackers. No matter how you enjoy it, this strange food combination is definitely worth trying at least once!


8. Spam musubi

Have you ever heard of Spam Musubi? It’s a strange but delicious food combination that has become popular in Hawaii and is quickly gaining attention worldwide. Spam Musubi is a sushi roll filled with a slice of fried Spam and flavored rice. It’s a surprisingly tasty and unique snack that is incredibly easy to make at home.

The origins of Spam Musubi are murky, but it is believed to have been invented in Hawaii sometime during World War II, when Spam became a staple ingredient in many Hawaiian dishes. Today, it’s still a popular dish throughout the islands and can be found in restaurants, convenience stores, and even grocery stores.

To make your own Spam Musubi, you will need a few simple ingredients: cooked white rice, teriyaki sauce, nori seaweed sheets, and one slice of Spam. Begin by flattening a bowl of cooked white rice on a flat surface. Then place the slice of Spam on top of the rice and pour some teriyaki sauce over the top. Finally, wrap the entire thing up in a nori sheet. The resulting Spam Musubi is ready to eat and enjoy!


9. Pizza with mayo

This is yet another surprisingly unique food combination quickly being embraced in different parts of the world. It’s more common in Japan and Spain and can be easily found in various restaurants. Pizza with mayo is actually quite delicious, as the creamy and savory mayo helps to bring out the flavor of the pizza.

In Japan, pizza with mayo is often served as an appetizer or side dish. Mayo is mixed with ketchup or Worcestershire sauce and then spooned over the top of a freshly baked pizza. The combination of flavors is surprisingly tasty and can be an unexpected surprise to people who haven’t tried it before.

In Spain, the combination takes on a slightly different form. Pizza with mayo is made by adding a few spoonfuls of mayonnaise to the crust before baking it. Once the pizza has been cooked, it’s usually topped with vegetables and more mayo for added flavor. It’s a popular snack that’s perfect for sharing with friends.

No matter where you are in the world, pizza with mayo is sure to satisfy your taste buds. If you’re feeling adventurous, give this unusual combination a try!


10. Chicken and waffles

This is one of the most unexpected but delicious dishes you can find. It’s a classic Southern dish that has been gaining popularity in other parts of the world, as well. The traditional way to make chicken and waffles is to fry them in a skillet and then serve them with waffles, syrup, and butter.

The combination of sweet syrup and salty fried chicken makes this dish unique and mouth-watering. It’s a favorite of both kids and adults alike. Although the mix may seem strange initially, there are a few reasons why it works so well.

First, the sweetness of the syrup complements the savory flavor of the chicken. Second, the texture of the crispy fried chicken contrasts nicely with the light and fluffy waffles. Finally, it’s a dish that’s easy to make and fun to eat – two qualities that make it an excellent option for any meal or snack.

Whether you’re a fan of traditional Southern cooking or want to try something new, chicken and waffles are definitely worth a try. The weird combination will surely surprise your taste buds and leave you wanting more.


11. Sweet potato fries with honey

When it comes to unique food combinations, sweet potato fries with honey certainly stand out from the crowd. While it may seem like an odd pairing, this dish has become increasingly popular across the globe.

Sweet potato fries have a delicious and unique flavor that makes them a great snack or side dish. The sweetness of the potatoes blends perfectly with the light sweetness of honey, creating a contrast that brings out the best of both ingredients.

The beauty of sweet potato fries with honey is that they can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. You can dip them in honey, sprinkle them with a bit of sea salt or serve them as an appetizer with a dipping sauce. It’s also easy to customize the dish to fit different tastes by adding spices or herbs.


12. Ketchup on scrambled eggs

Ketchup on scrambled eggs may appear like an unusual combination, but it’s one of the most popular food combos worldwide. It’s more prevalent in nations like Australia, Ireland, and Canada.

The traditional way to serve this unusual combo is to mix the ketchup into scrambled eggs. This gives the dish a sweet and savory flavor that will please any palate. For an extra kick of flavor, you can also add some black pepper or your favorite herbs to the mix.

Combining ketchup and scrambled eggs is a great way to get a quick, delicious breakfast without spending too much time in the kitchen. Plus, the addition of ketchup adds extra flavor and texture to your dish, making it even more satisfying.

So, if you’re feeling adventurous and want to try something new, give this unusual combination a try! Who knows, you may find a favorite fresh breakfast.

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