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20 Tips To Attract Love And Romance, According To Feng Shui

20 Tips To Attract Love And Romance, According To Feng Shui


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Feng shui carried too far from the natural phenomenon of wind and water to symbols and divination, as well as love and romance that remain mysterious and fascinating.

Feng shui tips about relationships that are forecasting the future have their own language in redefining our status in the world. Some Feng shui experts never think of their study as neither superstition nor science. Instead, they’ll say that their predictions are based between the interaction of humans and the environment and it is more on reading theoretic symbols.

All theories were created by Yin and Yang, in the book, and others were based in four orientations such as East and West on which they have created the Gua. Every Gua represents a natural phenomenon which is where the divination of love takes place.

In some immeasurable times, the Feng shui guide helps me to attract romance with my partner. It is hard to believe but in most cases, their readings actually work. I considered writing Feng shui to help long term partners who are looking at how to improve their relationship far more than ever. These tips you’re about to read are a compilation of modern psychology and correlated Feng shui readings that might help your intention to generate the lack of romance with your partners.

To remind you, these tips are merely a suggested guide backed by research so don’t expect that Feng shui will do the entire job for you. It is still important to seek love from professionals because following these tips can only be the reason to either catch or fall. What is important is we’re doing our part to improve our love relationship, once and for all; our goal is to achieve a harmonious and healthy relationship with our partner.

Feng Shui in Bed

Let’s get organized! Here are some tips to help you refurbish your bed. It is essential because to whom you might sleep; surely that person doesn’t want stains when making love.

1. Center your bed

In Feng shui, the center bed position can attract romance and we call it “romance position”. You must not place your bed in the corner where you both feel trapped. In other words, it is preferably good if you can move freely without touching edges or walls. It is easy for both of you to climb or tease one another because of the desired position. In the way, getting on and off the bed can make you both feel that you have the space to do anything you want.

2. Choose a hard headboard

It is essential to have a quality sleep together with your partner because it gives you both the energy to move the next time you wake up. Choosing a hard headboard can make you comfortable to sleep because you can perhaps feel a sense of security. It is obvious that having poor sleep can deplete your sex drive so it isn’t just the headboard. What Feng shui is trying to do for us is to have a good sleep in order to improve our romance in bed.

3. Maintain fresh bed sheets and linens

Always put some inviting linen and make sure that your bed sheet is as fresh as the early morning scent. I mean, who would want to climb on beds that have a stinky smell and stains are everywhere. Feng shui study reveals that having a clean and good smelling bed covers can help freshen up your relationship. Adding some light colors for bed sheets like rosy pink, white, and light green can ignite more of your love. Hence, avoid using red because it says that it could burn down your relationship. Colors have less limited effects on Feng shui and only bring short-term results. However, Feng shui reminds us that clean and fresh bed covers are human needs to achieve comfort and satisfaction.

4. Learn to remove extra stuff on the bed

This isn’t part of the Feng shui advice but I included this because many love professionals say that having a bed filled with unnecessary stuff can make anyone lose interest in romance. Having so many pillows, layers of unused blankets or stuffed animals can be an indicator that both or one of you has no room for making love. You are barring the gaps that no one can join you.

Feng Shui in Bedroom

Let’s formalize our intention of making our bed home to love and romance. A bedroom is the part of our house where we can do whatever we want with our loved ones and it is important to pay attention to what some Feng shui do’s and don’ts in order to stay in love.

5. Select desirable bedroom art

Artworks can invoke emotions. It plays the role that what you see in your room can have a positive or negative impact on our feelings. According to experts, we should avoid hanging paintings like sorrow, violence, dark-colored abstracts, or religion (such as saints) in our bedroom because it can somehow distract us from making romance with our partner.

Instead, we’ll try to pick an artwork that symbolizes love, such as love birds kissing each other or two couples teasing or back-hugging, these things have such an impact on our behavior during bedtime. Aside from seeing what is desirable through the work of art, it can also make us comfortable to urge us to do the same thing as what we’ve seen in the painting.

6. Paint your walls with love

Painting our walls has also something to say about our surroundings. Color can make us feel loved or deprived. Who would want to see a room with peeling walls? If we want to live with comfort, we must create a balanced desire for wall makeover. If possible, use a rosy pink color because it represents romance, joy, and happiness. But as I said, this suggestion won’t surely validate your partner’s desire for romance. Colors have only a short-term effect.

7. Remove work-related furniture and devices

Your bed is designed for you to rest and not to work. Some Feng shui experts would suggest that we need to remove some furniture and gadgets from our bedroom especially table laptops, ergonomic chairs, smartphone, cable chords, and more. These are things that remind us of how fixated we are at work and these are the common reasons why we lessen our attention to personally greet our partners with “good morning” or “good night” because we feel very much occupied.Constantly seeing work-related stuff in your bedroom can also create stress that resulted in becoming less communicative with your partner.

Also, avoid using your smartphone during bedtime because it made them think that you’re less interested in their existence. Remember, it’s the only time you have to talk about personal things or just cuddle each other in silence without being interrupted by emails and phone calls unless it is urgent.

8. Throw your TV

Nope! That’s just an exaggerated way of saying put your television outside or away from your bedroom. Tell me, it’s helpful. Instead of spending a couple of hours watching some news or what (I didn’t mean watching a television is unessential) but if you want to watch, watch it in your living room or fireplace because the bedroom should be noiseless.

Imagine how romantic it is just hearing the breath of your partner while on the bed. Isn’t it pushes you to be more intimate and loud the desire of making love? In Feng shui, electronic devices have a fire element that can bring back the Yang energy, and we don’t want that fire element to destroy our time in bed.

9. Take away unnecessary things

Yes to this! Whether you are the type of person who wants to hoard things too long or buy some stuff that later on couldn’t be used. Either way, Feng shui is telling you to declutter. Having so much stuff in each corners or stalls of your house has something to do with your relationship as well. To improve your romance, in a bedroom you must have more space to move than with your stuff.

According to experts, having unnecessary things inside a room or a house can be the number one root cause of impatience and intolerance. The reason why a partner easily gets angry with very small things is because they’re minds are already occupied based on what they see. To lessen the boiling point of stress with our partner, one must know how to get rid of their things.

10. Symmetrical approach for bedside furniture

This seems to be the fewest things for a couple to fight about but this little thing also matters in Feng shui. Furniture and arrangements have more of a modernized Feng shui approach. The tip of having your furniture in the same setting as your bed can promote a feeling of equality in a relationship. Some experts would say, extra spaces would fill your relationship to last longer because you have more spaces for love.

11. Avoid installing mirrors facing the bed

This might be more of a late 19th century reading Feng shui. For many of us are believers of spirits and other unseen creatures or most people calling it 3rd party in a relationship –in order to avoid getting that potential bad energy, we must not put that mirror fronting our bed because it has a bad Feng shui that can affect our sleep. However, if we’re going to ask an interior designer’s perspective, they would prefer having a mirror in the bed room, especially a wide angle and head-to-toe size mirror because this can urge some sexual desire with your partners whenever you attempt to do so. But let us just take note that we should avoid putting it in front.

12. Remove photographs

Whether it’s the most memorable photograph of your grandparents, your family, or friends –experts say that removing photographs in our bedroom has something to do while making love.
Having those photographs displayed is a major “romance killer.”

While both of you are trying to have some moves and suddenly one of you sees the picture of your partner’s grandma, one of you eventually lessens your desire to continue doing it. This is because most of us are most likely to imagine someone looking at us while doing a couple’s thing.

Feng Shui in Bathroom

Before we consider moving on about the Feng shui in the bathroom, it is I think better that our bathroom’s location is inside our bedroom because others do have a separate bathroom that would take them extra minutes to get there. Having a bathroom inside the bedroom can be a plus for romance and don’t ask me why because of course you know! I listed only two things of which might be helpful.

13. Transform your bathroom into Spa-like energy

Bathrooms have a healing power that no one can explain. There are a lot of studies on why most people spend time staying in a bathroom because they feel secure, relaxed, and they can bring out their emotions too well. Aside from maintaining our bathroom clean and desirable to use, Feng shui romance teaches us to transform our bathrooms into spa-like rooms. We can add some scented candles, rose quartz, dried or fresh flowers, artworks, and other love ornaments that can help arouse our sexual desire. Personally, this would help us co-relate with our partner because this has something to do about love and care.

14. Learn the Southwest reading

If your bathroom has already been built in the Southwest corner of your home is said to have a negative effect on your love relationship because bathrooms are usually the catchers of bad energy in Feng shui. To avoid its bad effects, experts suggested having any of the fire or earth elements inside the bathroom is a thing we should invest. Since the Southwest is considered to belong to the earth’s Feng shui element, therefore putting something correlated to it is a big help. This includes the elements I mentioned in number 14. Lastly, do not forget to always leave your toilet lid and the bathroom door close to diminish bad Feng shui habits.

Other Must-Get Feng Shui Tips for love

15. Hang some bling-bling

For most classical Feng shui experts, if your bedroom is located at the end of the hallway or corridor, it must be a bad indicator for romance. However, experts advised hanging some mirrors or shining objects diagonally opposite in the hallway or above the door can lessen the negative energy from entering your private room.

16. Put a couple of photos around the house

Whether you’re married or in a relationship, having a personal collection of photos hang around the house is a good sign to maintain a good relationship. This doesn’t have much with Feng shui beliefs but I think this would create a timeless bond between you and your partner. Besides, photos would remind both of you that you have come a long way, and you’re staying strong together.

17. Make sure that furniture legs align on rugs

This is amazing! I know we are so much unconscious of this but since you already read this one –I just hope you apply it. Furniture’s front legs should align your rugs. Also, having furry rugs on your sole while sitting with your partner can increase the chance of having an intimate connection.

18. Cock-A-Doodle-Doo in the rescue

Relationships sometimes are not all happy moments and a walk-in park experience. Sometimes we fight and exchange hurtful words to one another. But you know, we can somehow lessen that toxic energy by putting a small rooster figurine on a shelf, higher than human height with its beak facing the front door. Experts say it is one way to end a bad conversation.

19. Remove objects that remind you of your past love

I guess this one is self detachment. I mean, we don’t want our partner to feel that we still have remnants from ex’s gifts during Christmas or anniversaries. These things can somehow evoke disappointments or melancholy to the other side and can be the root of unprecedented love quarrels in the future. However, if you know that your partner understands that it is just merely a thing and doesn’t do with your past life, then there’s nothing to get rid of.

20. Follow what you think smells right

The number one love cure for Feng shui is the candle. Adding some pink or red candles with a touch of lavender, jasmine, or vanilla scent can help create a perfect mood during romance. It is said to strengthen the fire element to combat the water element to have a strong desire of showing physical affection with your partner. Some experts remind us to use the power of a candle accordingly because it can either build or destroy a relationship.

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