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21 Ways To Flirt With Your Partner

21 Ways To Flirt With Your Partner


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We can be 18 or 81 yet flirting shall remain the same. Flirting is the ‘new sexual’ yet what about those who were married for 2 to 4 decades already, do they still flirt? Well, absolutely flirting has no age but only to the right person, we’re engaged with. For married, flirting should not be reserved only for anniversaries but it can be anytime and anywhere; whenever we feel it. In this article, I have come up with some listicles about how to effectively flirt with your partner, and in any situation, you can count on these things:

1. Text them first

Let’s break the norm. Don’t text to remind your partner about kids. No. Not now. The simplest way to flirt is to text them first. And send some sexy GIF that makes them punch out early at work.

2. Leave a sticky note somewhere in the car or wardrobe

This is the most classic way of flirting. An important reminder that wherever your partner goes they’ll be reminded of you.

3. Send a sexy photo

You can send random photos even if you’re just an inch apart. Sure, you’ll laugh together and your partner will call you for bed early.

4. Sneak in the shower

A random sneak in while they’re freshening up has a different level of flirting strategy. This would probably trigger your partner to pull you in and you know what’s next. Rawr.

5. Let your partner pick your undergarment for the day

Another thing, before you get the dress in the morning, let your partner decide on what lingerie you should wear for the day. They’ll probably love the idea of letting them choose your undergarments. It means you trust them.

6. Back hug

Back hugging isn’t just the cutest thing a hooman does to their partner but it’s actually a gesture that can make them want more by your side.

7. Smack the butt

Intentionally and suddenly smack your partner’s butt. Don’t say a word and move on. See their reaction at the back of their ears is actually smiling.

8. Give a random compliment

One way to boost your partner’s mood is to compliment them unexpectedly. Tell them how much you like when they kiss you on your nose. Simple things yet the more you compliment them the more they’ll do it over.

9. Stroke his or her hair

I don’t know but almost all hoomans like their hair to be rubbed or stroked. They feel the tenderness of their partner.

10. Stir a coffee

If you know your husband or wife is a coffee person – having the initiative to brew them a cup of coffee and hand it with a kiss, that’s probably the best flirt you can give in the morning.

11. Wear their favorite shirt

Your partner probably snatches you to their side –the moment they see how cute you are wearing their oversized-shirt losing your collar bone and tight is just conducive for them.

12. Toss a pillow

Grrrr! This isn’t for the kids only show but also best to make a move on your partner. The best thing to do before bed. Disturb them to finish their task and end up turning off the lights and knocking you off to sleep.

13. Give multiple mini kisses

When you see your partner is working hard and you think they deserve a kiss –then kiss them like no other. Kiss them in every word that they say. Kiss them until they say the magic word ‘bed.’ It’s time to give your partner a better night.

14. Play your partner’s favorite music

The moment you turn on their favorite music and dance spontaneously will leave a smile on their face.

15. Sit into their lap

Instead of sitting normally side-by-side –cuddle and sit into them. Cuddle while making up a conversation. Any hoomans are totally down for cuddles.

16. Flirt while your partner is driving

Stare at them in a moment while their eyes are on the road. Slowly slide your hand on their thigh, tease them and take their hand and land it on your thigh. Don’t say a word. Let them keep driving.

17. Don’t Wait Until Christmas to Wear Red

Hoomans no matter what their race is attracted to this color. A scientist has proven that. So wear your silky nightgown or red tie tonight and make your partner blush.

18. Peep while in a rush

Don’t get their attention, instead be his or her attention. Meddling your partner’s morning rush and flashing them full on. This kind of flirt will make them feel like the most important and luckiest hoomans on earth. Surely, their mind will be on you all day.

19. Ask them out

Flirting isn’t always your partner’s initiative sometimes we also do our part as a reciprocate. To show our affection to our partners, we can ask them to go out for dinner and make them feel that they’re king and or queen.

20. Ask for Help

Our partner actually likes to feel that they’re needed. Why try to please them to reach and open the jar of pickle on the shelf for you. Secretly, now it’s no longer a secret your partner loves to help.

21. Post on Social Media

Mention your loved ones to some cliché and cheesy lines or take a photo and post them on Facebook or any social media platform, not often or too much but we show some pride to our partner. Be a little social media savvy for love.

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