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5 Tips To Spice Up Your Relationship Just Like The Old Times

5 Tips To Spice Up Your Relationship Just Like The Old Times


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Who would like to be stagnant in a relationship? I guess no one. Whether you’ve just become partners for three months or been in a long term for 20 years, your relationship with one another shouldn’t be changed. Thing is, we can’t be assured that there will be no changes at all. Of course, it has. When we’re in a relationship we get to see and do the same things a hundred times over, like obligations at work, home, bills, and children. Both sides become occupied and this is the time when you lose the spark, also because of long distances, piling resentments, and contradicting schedules. Perhaps even the best relationships will dwindle if both of you will no longer work on it. To turn back to the time when you first land your lips to kiss each other should create the same feeling as to what you are now with your partner. Again, let us keep the flame burning with these five ways to spice up your relationship even after you’ve met your grandson.

1. Stay Connected Through Eye Contact

The moment you just see your partner’s eyes makes intimacy happen in a little while. Eyes speak more than you do so you also know how to interpret them. Eye contact in a long term committment also has something to do with science. Eyes do not also have the sense of sight but also the sense of reconnection to the ones we love. The ten seconds eye contact rule might probably add another year of your relationship.

2. Spontaneous Kiss and Holding Hands

When was the last time you randomly grabbed your partner’s hand? When was the last time you feel that you’re cold and the only thing you need is your partner’s mini multi kisses? Well, time sure has changed. But make sure you didn’t miss both. Always include a kiss and holding hands in your relationship. Be a spontaneous kisser and hand grabber, kiss when everyone’s looking, kiss when you’re heading out to dinner, kiss when you’re arguing, and kiss and hold your partner’s hand in the middle of everything to remind them that you love them.

3. Random Bits of Surprises

Always try something new. We all have different love languages – better know what works best for your partner. You don’t need to get your partner expensive stuff every week. Sneaking out for dates, giving habitual compliments, dropping off love notes, having some toast of wine, going home early, booking tickets over the weekend, or an hour or two of driving together in some random places will probably ignite the best out of your relationship. It’s always your little acts and random thoughts that matter to make him or her feel appreciated and valued as sure as you do too.

4. Initiate a Conversation

I bet you experience the five-hour late-night talks when you’re still a couple, but what about now? Do you still have the time to share your random thoughts with your spouse? Now that you have the covenant of love –put down your phone and start talking. Communication is the number one recipe in achieving an almost perfect relationship.

Telling about the thoughts during your day even if it is unnecessary or unimportant would be a great initiative to recreate the long lost vibe with your partner. A conversation doesn’t cause you too much of your energy rather it will make you feel alive because you can either talk sexy, tease, or temp, whatever you think would work to be interesting, joyful, and funny during your talks. Avoid talking about work schedules, routines, and undesirable topics during bedtime. Although it is difficult to maintain but always aims to be sweeter and open.

5. Laugh Together

Make laughter your topmost priority to keep the relationship happy and alive. Remember, when you don’t have to second think all the things you want to say because you and your partner have the same sense of humor. And even if you don’t, still try to make your other half laugh. Turn some of your disagreements and awkward moments humorous. Sometimes, one good laugh is all you need to hold on with your relationship when everything else’s breaking.

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