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8 Golden Etiquette That Would Turn Your Internship Into A Job Offer

8 Golden Etiquette That Would Turn Your Internship Into A Job Offer


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An internship is probably one of the most exciting parts of liberating yourself from the four-walled room in your college years. It is the momentum when you are able to go out on your own, meet high-end people, and the luckiest part –the decisions you will be making are all yours. An internship defines how independent you are as a person and how well you can manage things in a real workspace. Not until you will jump into the trenches, you wouldn’t know how fast-paced your career might be in the future.

I have my own interns to manage and I’ve been handling many for years, and I try to provide them the best experience one could leave an impact in their lives. I believe that a great experience doesn’t just happen, but is made. If you’re going to take your internship this summer, you must at least be ready to prepare yourself with these best practices that help you create an impression in your future career.

These golden etiquettes will turn your internship experience into a job offer and are proven effective. So, if you want to be one of those who get hired after finishing your internship, you must work unceasingly and consider these steps seriously.

Be Affirmative

Showing an affirmation is the most basic golden rule as an intern. Nobody wants to hear ‘no’ in the workplace so better be prepared with as many ‘yeses’ as possible. Your boss doesn’t expect you to fail and so you must take the initiative to allow yourself and explore the things they throw at you. Since you’re a starter, even it is out of your internship job description; you’re expected to accomplish things without any complaints.

1. Learn To Ask

Even how well you think you already knew; never second think to ask a question. In any workspace, it was good to learn that you can’t because sooner or later everyone needs to ask. Don’t try your inner self to dictate the task you cannot do by yourself. If you want to get things done accordingly, there’s nothing to lose when you ask. I understand that sometimes we’ve taken pride in being self-sufficient but that truth is just vanity and not a moral strength.

2. Develop Good Relations

It is essential to build a good relationship with your boss and colleagues during your internship. Embrace the opportunity to collaborate with your team or the people you’re working with. The employer will take notice of your ability to communicate and interact with others and how to fit you in the job and the team. Being able to have a good relationship with other workers will not only leave you good marks but it will provide you the opportunity to learn from them and take their lessons to be applied when you encounter the same trouble.

3. Discuss Progress

If your task concerns daily or weekly updates, never break the gaps of updating your progress to your boss. Show your enthusiasm that you’re interested in finishing the job well. Always participate in the discussion when you think you have an idea to share. Don’t hesitate to show what you’ve got, but make sure you don’t sound overconfident. Take it easy, be polite, and express your opinions with respect.

4. Be Reliable

Be someone your boss can count on, especially during tough situations. Be reliable enough that you can prove you’re worthy to solve some crisis that occurs in the middle of everything. By completing every task, you’re gaining reputation and trust not only to your boss but to your team as well. Remember, being reliable is the best way to gain confidence in anyone in the room.

Avoid Dispute

How you deal with conflict may reflect on your professionalism and intelligence. You should be avoiding fights among co-workers and or other interns. You are there to perform well and not to end with terrible remarks from getting involved in something undesirable. Remember to refine how you respond and take actions based on what is commendable to anyone.

5. Follow Company Protocols

To avoid leaving a low impression on your boss, always follow work ethics during your internship. If you think you can get ‘A’ grades from the things I mentioned, be sure that you follow the company’s rules and ethics to gain a good reputation in the workplace.

6. Be Presentable

Lastly, treat your internship like you’re waking up to start anew from your first hiring interview. You leave the house well-prepared; dress up (follow dress code if you have) and go out with a positive aura to stand out from the group and all other interns. But don’t treat an internship as a competition, it is your passion and if you’re performing well, the job offer will condition itself to open the door for you.

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