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Best Places To See In Italy

Best Places To See In Italy


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Traveling is definitely one of the most therapeutic activities in life. It feeds the soul, leaving you satisfied but still yearning for more. Over the years, I have managed to travel to different destinations, but one thing always stands – I will never have enough. I have been lucky enough to see some of the best tourist attractions all over the world.

I had always planned to visit Italy for the longest time possible, and when I finally managed, I knew that I was destined to come back soon. I went back a couple of times, and I would still do the same if I had another chance today. In case you are planning to visit Italy, there are a few places that you need to see. You should most preferably plan your trip in the spring, which usually occurs around April to June. If you cannot make it during that time, try during Fall.

Here are some of the places to go to in Italy:



Have you really explored Italy if you didn’t visit Rome? I am pretty sure that by now you understand the role Rome plays in Italy. It is the capital city of this luxurious tourist destination and holds a rich history that you should experience. Several things make Rome the first stop when visiting Italy. If you are a history lover, you sure want to see the Colosseum, the Forum, Palatine Hill, Pantheon, and the Appian Way. You will also be lucky enough to witness the Vatican.

There are several things to do in Italy and this case, Rome. You can choose to view the Sistine Chapel and travel around the city as you relax in the Borghese gardens and then eat a delicious meal or gelato on the Spanish steps. While still in Rome, you can window shop at the fantastic Via Veneto or even walk down Trastevere’s streets. I have been to all these places, and I can confidently tell you that you will never have enough of Rome.



If you are going to Italy, you need to see the country’s most beautiful water body. The Como lake oozes tranquility with its deep blue waters. It has a rich history, having been a summer retreat for several wealthy individuals for several years. There are several villas along the steep shores of the lake for cooling off. Apart from the beautiful scenery, the lake has fantastic weather thanks to its microclimate that makes it conducive even in winter.

Around the lake lies Como town where you can board a steamer which you will use to explore the lake. Other attractions near lake Como include Lake Maggiore and Lake Garda. Keep in mind that all these lakes have their attractions.



You must have overheard someone mentioning Verona or read about it in one of Shakespeare’s works. Well, this is one of the historic parts of Italy that you should visit. You will have a chance to see the first-century Roman arena, famous for the summer opera festival. Verona sits on the Adige River, which has excellent blue waters. Alongside this river is the Castelvecchio, a large castle built in the 14th century. If you love art and architecture, Verona has everything that you need.



The sight of Naples is one to behold. I can only compare it to New Orleans regarding the quality of life and streets full of color and noise. It is indeed a bubbly place and your best shot if you want to experience life in the fast lane. You can never get bored in this region, thanks to the multiple activities that you can undertake. You can visit the treasure-filled churches, luxurious palaces, and the archaeological museum rich in history.

Once you have visited all these places, you can join the local inhabitants for a stroll by the waterfront as you view the neighboring scenery or even board a ferry to the famous Island of Capri. If you have some money, you can shop in Galleria Umberto I and afterward taste the pizza in the area.



This is one of the most famous Islands in Italy, having made it to the UNESCO World Heritage site list. It has two ancient sites, two natural treasures, and two architectural treasures, all in one place. How can you miss visiting such a place? If you want to see the world’s oldest structures, make your way to Sicily. It has the largest Greek temple at Selinunte and some of the perfect Greek Temples in the world. You will also enjoy the landscape as you see some of the most decorated and well-preserved villas in the Roman Empire.



Who doesn’t want to spend some quality time at the coast surrounded by deep blue waters? If you would like to forget all your problems for a moment and let it all go, the beautiful Amalfi Peninsula is the best place. On the steep slope are beautiful towns, full of life. These towns have streets consisting of stairways with houses constructed on surrounding cliffs. If you love flowers, you will find them everywhere in this beautiful tourist destination.

While here, remember to visit the Amalfi Drive, one of the best scenic routes in the whole world. You can catch a ferry to the Island of Capri famous for Blue Grotto sea cave and executive villas and gardens.



Milan is a great place to be. However, it does not get the recognition and respect that it deserves since it is mainly seen as an entry point due to its large airport. If you are keen enough, you will notice that Milan is actually better than most tourist destinations. It boasts of a vast artistic and architectural attractions, beating all other regions in Italy. If you are an avid lover of fashion and shopping, this is the right place.

Keep in mind that legends such as Michelangelo, Giorgio Armani, and Leonardo da Vinci all came from Millan. If you are religious, you can visit the Duomo, a vast cathedral in Milan. Other attractions in Milan include the famous La Scala. Also, if you are looking for museums in Italy, you have to make a stop in Milan. It has the best museums and palaces that have some of the best art pieces that you will ever see.



Just like Rome and Verona, never visit Italy without stopping in Vernice. This is a beautiful town whose streets are filled with water. To access the houses and settlements, people use largely available boats. You will always hear a gondolier singing his or her heart out. Venice is indeed a sight to behold. The city itself is an attraction. While here, you can visit the great Basilica of St. Mark, which is strategically placed near the Goge’s palace overlooking the great Campanile.

You can choose to get lost on your way to Rialto Bridge after navigating the narrow passageways across the settlements. You will find Gondolas at the end of the plaza in the mighty Grand canal. Even if you get lost while winding down the narrow passages, you will be met with a postcard scene in each corner, making your experience worthwhile.

Venice is most bubbly in Piazza San Marco, the center and central hub of the city. Therefore, take some time and explore this magical city as you enjoy your stay in Italy. You can take boat rides and look around.



Florence holds the artistry of Italy, showcasing it to anybody who wants to have a look. Most of the time, people think that it is a giant art museum. This place has several mind-blowing attractions, including the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the Duomo, and a gravity-defying massive dome. You will also be lucky to see Giotto’s bell tower, which is appropriately constructed and decorated, showcasing one of the best forms of Renaissance art.

Florence also boasts of art museums, with six of them filled with paintings and unique sculptures. If you’d like to experience art first hand, visit the Uffizi Gallery and Pitti Palace. You can also take a walk in the Boboli gardens as you look at the different workshops and studios.



My last recommendation is these five towns found in the steep Mediterranean coast near La Spezia. They are connected via railway tunnels, making them some of the best places to hike. At a far-away look, the towns resemble an art drawing.If you would like to witness beautiful streets, Riomaggiore and Vernazza are the best places to be. Here, you will find life and character as you enjoy the beautiful sceneries.

Italy is a beautiful destination. However, before embarking on your journey, ensure that you travel light. Most of these towns and attractions are located far from one another. You won’t also stay in one place all the time and might need a hotel Airbnb change. You should also be ready to use different means of transport, including boats and trains, to access some of the areas. If you want a beautiful vacation, free three to four weeks of your time and tour Italy to the fullest. You will never regret making such a decision.

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