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Country Bookshelf: Bookstores That Are Worth Traveling For

Country Bookshelf: Bookstores That Are Worth Traveling For


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Books take you to places across the world and even out of it. Every bookworm knows how simple pieces of paper can pull you into a wonderland, let you experience life amidst war, metamorphose you into a witch or a wizard, or just basically any absurd or sensible situations one could think of.

If you’re a bibliophile, surely you have been dreaming of visiting the most famous independent bookshelf across the world. Having exactly the same interest in books and traveling to find the best bookstore will give you a more personal look -getting the same context on Amazon. Books let you travel while you’re in place, so finding the best and perfect bookstore for you is definitely worth traveling for.

Feel invested? Here are some of the best-there-is when it comes to bookstores that’ll definitely satisfy and prove that books are all you can bequest!

Back of Beyond Books, Moab, Utah

Back of Beyond resides in the desert southwest of Moab, Utah. Fun fact: its name was derived from The Monkey Wrench Gang—one of Edward Abbey’s most well-known literary works. It is an indie bookstore that specializes in natural history, environmental literature, southwestern guide books & maps, Native American books, and Western history. Not only do they offer wide choices of historical accounts, but they also offer a wide and diverse collection of fiction, science, philosophy, current affairs, rare books, and a whole lot more.

Credit: Back of Beyond Books

Country Bookshelf, Bozeman, Montana

What’s great about Country Bookshelf is that it keeps literature alive in the state of Montana as it is known to be the largest bookstore in the state. And as Bozeman is the home for writers such as Jim Harrison, Tom McGuane, David Quammen, Doug Peacock, Tim Cahill, and many others, these are the names that will be welcoming you as soon as you step in. What’s more exciting is that they hold events almost every week.

Credit: Country Bookshelf

Malaprop’s, Asheville, North Carolina

Malaprop’s is proud not only of its literature offerings but also of its store’s café. Malaprop’s is a combination bookstore and café located in Asheville, North Carolina. They keep people indulged in their place as they encourage them to stay in and enjoy reading using their all-so-tasty treats in a match with their cozy café. Moreover, Malaprop’s presents a carefully curated selection of books for adults, children, and young adults, as well as a large array of gift items that literally everybody can enjoy. In fact, Ann Pachett, a writer describes the place as “the heart and soul of Asheville.”


Book Nook, Buena Vista, Colorado

Book Nook is a store located in the West Main neighborhood of Buena Vista, Colorado. It opened in late 2008 and if you’re wondering what’s special about it is that it is a family-owned bookstore so it’ll sure be a warm place to be in. Owners Owen and Kathy Lentz proudly introduce their bookstore as a store that specializes in Quality Used Books, quality educational and fun toys, games, art supplies, regional folk art, and a growing collection of vintage items. What’s even more precious about it is that they hand-pick each book on their shelves by the influence of the inputs of their customers. On top of it, this store also is being used by several artists to display and sell their masterpieces. Art hoes would definitely love this spot.

Credit: Book Cougars

Key West Island Books, Key West, Florida

Key West Island Books offers 3 main selections: New. Used. Rare., Best Selections, and the one thing that they are known for—Local Authors. Business owner Suz O. proudly said that they are the only independent bookstore specializing in local authors and local interest books which puts local authors in the limelight. Not only that, but they also offer full selections of the latest bestsellers both new and used. If you’re into pre-loved novels, Key West Island Books is a perfect fit for you.

Credit: Key West Island Bookstore

Point Reyes Books, Point Reyes, CaliforniaPoint Reyes Books proudly introduces itself as the beloved and nationally-known bookstore and a true hub of the West Marin community. This bookstore from Point Reyes, California has been passed down from people to people and as it was Stephen Sparks and his wife, Molly Parent’s turn to take over in 2017, they brought in wide selections of literary fictions and more poetry which attracted more and more people (locals and tourists) on the spot. Poetry lovers, this one is certainly for you. In addition, Point Reyes has always given big importance not only to literature but to the act of being one with the community.


Night Heron and Second Story Books, Laramie, Wyoming

Another spot for the people who prioritizes comfort whilst reading. Night Heron is a bookstore/café located in Laramie, Wyoming. They offer vast collections of rare and used books that’ll surely satisfy people who do not quite associate themselves with conventional pieces. If you fail to find what you’re looking for, then head over to Second Story Books which is only next door, up the stairs. Second Story Books rooms are organized and categorized by genre. This one is for those who want to have an easier time finding what they need.


Shakespeare and Company, Paris, France

Shakespeare and Company is known as the most famous bookstore in the world. It is an English language bookstore located in Paris, France. The bookstore not only functioned as a store before but also as a lending library. It was a home for great writers and artists like Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ezra Pound, Gertrude Stein, and a whole lot more. If you have a thirst for literature history and want to experience a glimpse of these great artists’ lives in the past, then there’s no greater bookstore for you than here.

City Lights Books, San Francisco, California

City Lights Books is not just a bookstore, they host public events, publishing programs, and educational outreach as well to keep people engaged in their company. Just like Shakespeare and Company, City Lights Books is also a home for authors. And not only that, they have been a publisher as well for Allen Ginsberg in his poem entitled “Howl” in 1956. The bookstore offers diverse literary genres as well as they maintain active engagement with the literary culture.

El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Buenos Aires, Argentina

El Ateneo Grand Splendid was named as the most beautiful bookstore in the world as National Geographic stated in 2019. It is situated in an old theatre in Buenos Aires and the whole interior design of the cinema contributed a lot to its aesthetics. As stunning as it is, it’ll surely make you feel special as soon as you step on it. Moreover, El Ateneo Grand Splendid has such a wide space, there is no doubt that it has all the capability to present to you almost every genre of literature that you could think of.

Libreria Acqua Alta, Venice, Italy

Want something unconventional? Want something once-in-a-lifetime like? Venice has a perfect spot for you. You may think that no one would ever keep papers, let alone books above, besides, or just close, but Libreria Acqua Alta is not at all afraid to take that risk. Due to constant flooding in Venice, a bookstore would probably be the last business you could think of but Libreria Acqua Alta just shrugged it all off and kept all their titles in waterproof basins. It’s surely a unique experience to read as you float over water in a bookstore. Libreria Acqua Alta is a perfect place for people who thirst for adventure.


Please note that this article is written for inspiration and a better future travel experience only. This does not mean we encourage our readers to travel during the pandemic. To someone who wishes to travel this time, we would recommend to our audience to please check and follow the Travel Advisories for your intended destination and choose the method that works best for you. Also, the details above may vary to change at any time.

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