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Favorite Freelance Websites To Try

Favorite Freelance Websites To Try


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Can you still see yourself going to the site and punching in for a regular 8-hour work per day? Me? I am breaking the old habit. With the pandemic placing so many do’s and don’ts, workers’ mobility are switching online. Working remotely has become more attractive to both employees and clients, emphasizing the freelancer’s environment.

‘You are your boss.’ Freelancers earn money by virtually offering their work to different companies without being detained by only one person. Therefore, this means that they can work flexibly with multiple clients at once. As a writer myself, I got to experience the bright side of freelancing, as it provides an adequate level of productivity that allows me to work wherever I want at a flexible working hour with absolute pay.

According to DDIY 54 Freelance Statistics, Trends and Insights, Freelancers represent about 35% of the global workforce and with a total number of 3.5 billion workforces globally, 1.1 billion of them are freelancers. And in their recent study, 57 million freelancers working from home in 2019, and an increase of 25% in the job market in 2020 by which 75% of them said they wouldn’t trade the freelancing job for other types of work.

Many believe that freelancing is the new norm in the working class and its growth magnifies what freelancers are going into the future. For those who are new in the industry, you might ask where we get our clients. Easy, there are so many freelance websites you can tap and try. This isn’t a scam because I have tried it myself and I’m earning the fruit of my labor now. So to help you be like me, who’s earning more than I expected; here I pinned down some job boards you can sign up for better opportunities all for free!

1. Upwork

“In-demand talent on demand.”

Upwork Global Inc. is an American freelancing trust-driven platform globally known for finding all types of jobs. It is the world’s largest marketplace that connects millions of businesses and freelancers in one. More than 5 million businesses trusted this site. The top offers that you can find in this application includes, website and app development, bloggers and writers, finance and accounting, creative and design, consulting and operations, customer support, and more. From small associates to huge corporations, Upwork can handle you. Start to build your credibility. To unlock your experience you can download the app on Android or iOS or sign up directly to its website


“Hire the best freelancers for any job, online”

Freelancer is an Australian working platform founded in 2009. This marketplace allows employers to post jobs that freelancers can select and create a minute bid to complete the project. This application almost offers all works related online. Its features are very much easy to navigate and understand. This platform has over 50 million users worldwide therefore it is mainly worth it to any potential job seekers. One thing that most companies are offering in this app includes mobile app developers, web and graphic designers, virtual assistants, product manufacturers, SEO and writers, and a whole lot more. Planning to be more flexible in time? This must be the sign for you to sign up at

3. LinkedIn

“Welcome to your professional community”

LinkedIn is an American business and employment platform that was established in 2003 for professional networking classes. For business seekers and professionals, LinkedIn is one of the easiest forms to showcase your creative skills. Sign up and fill in all the important information or post your CV and you’re good to go wait until someone notices you. Most works like engineering, business development, finance, administrative assistant, retail associate, customer service, operations, information technology, marketing, and human resources are the top fishing works to get in the freelance industry. For various companies, luckily they are offering jobs for part-timers and full-time workers. To be part of the growing number of career seekers in LinkedIn, you can explore more at

4. Designhill

“Build Your Brand With The #1 Creative Marketplace”

This website is built for designers and artists who are looking for jobs to create thousands of designed-related projects. It was founded in 2014, then the platform became popular and created over 5 million designs for business brands, logos, advertisements, clothing, publishing and more. Citing from their website, they gained the trust of 116,543 clients that rate them satisfied over the years. This tool offers to people who can create things that are all related to designs e.g. A. I logo maker, web designer, layout artist, and much more than that, To a more personalized experience of what else they can open doors for you, visit their website

5. Toptal

“Hire the Top 3% of Freelance Talent”

Toptal is a digital remote company that was established in 2010 with no headquarters. This website offers work for software engineers, designers, finance experts, and product and project managers. Every applicant to the Toptal network is keenly tested, to select the most competitive and most viable for the job. Someone who seeks at Toptal will undergo 98% of trial-to-hire, However, if passed, you have the most secured job in the future. So if you think you are capable of leading the network, you can try your best and visit their website at

6. Fiverr

“Find the perfect freelance services for your business”

Fiverr is an American online platform that offers tons of opportunities for freelancers. Fiverr helps you expose yourself to multiple freelance sites for the most exposure. However, many would have said that Fiverr has cheaper offers but I don’t want you to take that word not to continue exploring the best of Fiverr. I believe it is crucial if you are still a starter but along the way, Fiverr can be your way to work harder because most clients prefer more personalized niches than the copy and most used ones. Therefore, be willing to take a risk and don’t easily get intimidated –sign up now and see what’s more you can get at

7. 99designs

“Take your business online today”

Your success relies on your designs. 99designs is an online business platform based in Melbourne, Australia, and was founded in 2008. This platform helps thousands of freelancers to land a job in the graphic design industry and get a client from the site. With millions of clients looking for genius designers, this must be the best platform for you to showcase your artistic side. What makes 99designs excel from all other freelance websites is that they put their people first. They believe that to create a good and satisfying service, there must be a platform that understands each other’s needs. To help you get attached easily visit their website at

8. Guru

“Find & Hire Expert Freelancers” is one of the most flexible and cost-effective platforms in the freelance world. It was founded in 1998 in Pittsburgh and now continues to be the central platform for commissioned work. Most clients are satisfied with most of the freelancers they found in Guru; the reasons are they’re fast, knowledgeable, and affordable. Most clients here are looking for programmers and developers, writers and translators, designers and artists, administrators and secretariats, sellers and marketers, engineers and architectures, educators and trainers, and legal experts. If you think this one’s best for you, visit their website now and know the client’s qualifications at

9. Dribbble

“Discover the world’s top designers & creatives”

This application has one of the most convenient layouts where you can directly create your portfolio and market your services. These are the top destinations for design professionals because their works can be seen directly to clients and other competitors. This is the best platform for exterior and interior designers, publishers, web and graphic designers, SEO and content writers, and more. It’s not merely for one-on-one work but you can also advance your skills by offering collaboration work with other freelancers. To tap more about Dribbble, see their website at

10. PeoplePerHour

“Make bright ideas happen”

PeoplePerHour is a UK-based company that helps business sectors get access to freelancers as the fastest way to pair each other. PeoplePerHour specializes in bringing together the appropriate match between a client’s need and the worker’s qualification. Their website is programmed through Artificial Intelligence to analyze things accordingly. Most in-demand jobs on their site are content writing, SEO, website development, logo design, voice-over, illustration, and drawing. Make use of your time and expose yourself to clients that most need your services. Visit at

11. We Work Remotely

“WWR is the #1 destination to find and list incredible remote jobs”

We Work Remotely have around 2.5 million users a month. Imagine how many businesses are turning to catch employees through this platform worldwide. This website offers all the design-related works that can be done remotely. WWR became the leading platform for Google, Amazon, and InVision; companies that also posted job hiring online directly to this platform. This concludes that WWR legitimacy is proven by many. However, WWR clients need to spend a fixed $299 to be part of their growing community. For job seekers, no need for you to upload CVs or build a portfolio, all you need to do is click the job you like and discover straight unto their qualifications.

12. Behance

“Creative network for showcasing and discovering creative work”

Behance is a platform run by Adobe. Behance is a good platform for a designer who wants to promote their works through exposing their works on the platform. The freelancer can get his or her clients if they got the coveted spot of a certain project. Clients will have the chance to scroll on your works and if it suits their taste they will directly connect with you. Be inspired and get attached too with some other artists to widen your contacts. Gain your reputation by signing up at

13. SimplyHired

“One Search, Millions of Jobs”

With over 3 million employers, SimplyHired creates a massive opportunity for billions of job seekers online. They have the most flexible job search engine because you can enter your desired address for the most personalized search. You can see even salary details and a comprehensive job description that makes the job seeker weigh in things instantly. What makes SimplyHired unique from all other freelance websites is that they have a free online resume builder that caters to their users to create directly from their website. It’s worth investing your time here, to start just click

14. AngleList

“Experience the startup ecosystem — invest in startups, research the fastest-growing companies, and find a job you love”

AngeleList is an American based-website for investors and job-seekers worldwide. This was established in 2010 to help engage and democratize the investment process and fundraising. Being a member of Anglelist is the best start-up for freelancers because the time will come, who knows? You’ll be part of the many rising businesses in the world. Flex your creativity now and find where you exactly belong in business, view

15. DesignCrowd

“Get the perfect custom design, every time”

DesignCrowd is an online marketplace platform that was founded in 2007. It’s the best design marketplace in the world. DesignCrowd is just like other crowdsourcing and networking sites where both clients and job seekers meet together to perform their goals. No job limits are posted here, as long as the client finds that you’re qualified to their job description might as well get hired quickly. If freelancing is your thing, you have to count on this too! Visit their website and meet clients at

16. Working Not Working

“Working not working is where the world’s most innovative companies hire creative talent”
Who do you want to work with? That’s how their search bar would ask you as you first land on their website. Well, of course, we want to work with companies who can assure that our future will not be a waste. WW was established in 2011 with their Working Not Working Magazine. For designers, this is one of the best websites you should be eyeing for now. Inhabit your space and craft the best of your designs. Engage and learn more about WW at The workforce may be with you.

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