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How The Pandemic Has Affected Our Way Of Life

How The Pandemic Has Affected Our Way Of Life


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It is indeed true that the Covid-19 pandemic has a significant impact on our lives. We cannot freely carry on with our typical day to day activities out of fear of contracting the virus. It has impacted us not only economically, but also socially. Most of the simple tasks and errands that we would do before the pandemic have significantly changed. Right now, meeting a friend over for coffee without worrying about the flu is impossible. To illustrate just how this virus has impacted our lives, here are some relatable scenarios.

We are in constant panic mode

One of the most disturbing things about Covid-19 is the constant worry and panic it has imposed on us. It is difficult to walk around without imagining or assuming that the people around are infected. This is even worsened by the fact that this virus can be picked up from different surfaces. Nowadays, an evening walk around town is not as therapeutic as it used to be because of the constant worry. If using any public means to commute to and from work, it is quite challenging with other people around and the constant reminder not to touch the surfaces.

It has changed our office lifestyle

This virus has indeed greatly impacted the workplace, and as a result, going to the office every morning can never be the same again. I am constantly getting paranoid when entering the elevator or sharing it with my officemates since it is quite challenging to determine victims. Thinking about the centralized aircon also makes me imagine that it can distribute the virus, which is another significant cause of paranoia. Lastly, I always have to watch and sanitize the working surfaces to prevent contracting the virus.

Going to the mall is not anymore leisurely

This pandemic has made a simple task, such as getting groceries from the mall hectic. Before, I would put on my hoodie and sweatpants then rush to the mall. However, nowadays, I have to be in full gear before being allowed to step into any public place, such as the mall. I must put on a facemask, face shield, and even carry along a hand sanitizer or spray alcohol, which was foreign to us in the past. Even with all these protective gear, I will still end up paranoid because of meeting several people at the mall.

No more night outs

For most of us, going out with friends during the weekend was the norm. We would host parties, prepare food, eat and drink as we passed time over the weekend. However, ever since the pandemic began, going out with friends is unattainable. Being in the company of friends or going out predisposes one to contract the virus, which we are all trying to avoid. Also, most entertainment joints closed out of fear spreading the virus, which further makes going out over the weekend impossible.

Me time is now a bad idea

We all have different ways of blowing some steam and spoiling ourselves. For some of us, a solo date or a night at the movies work the magic. However, ever since the pandemic began, these two activities ceased to be viable. If I chose to go out for a movie during this pandemic, chances are that I will not enjoy my time to the maximum since I will be in constant worry. Also, you will be endangering yourself since the virus spreads pretty fast.

No more playing dress up

In case it is still not apparent how this pandemic has affected lives, keep in mind that we definitely have to put on hold wearing some clothes in our closet. Well, I may decide and dress up, but with the masks and protective gear, it cannot be the same usual vibe. Also, going to favorite places during this pandemic has been rendered unviable. If you love attending late-night dance shows, you will have to forego some or all of them due to the pandemic. Remember, I can

All vacation plans cancelled

This is perhaps one of the most painful changes that this pandemic has brought. Most of us have been forced to push our vacations to 2021 or even 2022 when the curve has flattened. Also, most countries have imposed air travel bans to keep their citizens safe. Traveling to dream destinations is, therefore, impossible at the moment. A full year without a vacation does not sound like a good idea, but since we are in the middle of a pandemic, there is no alternative. This is definitely the harshest decision that we have to make.

With the curve not flattening, we cannot be sure when the pandemic will be over, which worsens it. Most of us will be forced to push our vacations even further until most countries lift their international flight bans.

Depression is sinking in

If there is one thing that this pandemic has made clear, it is how easy it is to slide into depression. The constant worries, the paranoia, loss of jobs, loss of livelihood, and the regular sad news can be too much to take in. However, even with the pressure that comes with the pandemic, I have learned that one must always regularly practise composure since looking out for yourself is up to you. All in all, staying worried about the pandemic negatively affects the peace of mind, predisposing one to depression.

In the end, this pandemic has indeed had a significant impact on our lives. However, I have realized that to stay sane during these trying moments, we need self-actualization. It would help if you first started by looking at your life. One of the notable hacks that have seen me through is weighing the things that are important. Trimming down when living a life of excess has also helped. Also, it would be best if you ascertained who your real friends are. I hope that we will all make it through.

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