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I Cook Like A Pro With These Gordon Ramsay Techniques

I Cook Like A Pro With These Gordon Ramsay Techniques


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It’s a no-brainer with these cooking hacks with Gordon Ramsay from well-inspired dishes around the world to your dirty kitchen!

But before I break down these hacks, let me tell a bit about Chef Ramsay and his master class. Ramsay is a renowned holder of many successful restaurants around the world and earned his 7 Michelin stars. He’s already recognized as a celebrity chef now, with many cooking books released he became a best seller around the world. He has been contributing his talent to the cooking industry for years and gained popularity because of how innately good he is.

Gordon Ramsey cooks no bullshit and his genius cooking hack got me in! Here are some of his famous kitchen moves that will inspire you to do well in your kitchen even if someone’s watching. Once you master these skills, I bet cooking during quarantine feels like you’ve caught the appetite of everyone at home.

1. Garlic Peeling Technique

Peel whole garlic by smashing it like dough and shaking it between two bowls to rip the gloves apart. The skin will separate easily from its cloves, leaving you with perfectly smashed and peeled garlic in just ten seconds.

2. Fruit Ripening Technique

To quickly ripen fruits, place them into a brown paper bag with a ripe banana inside. The banana will help to fasten the ripening process, leaving you with such perfect full flavored fruit.

3. Herb Shaving Technique

You no longer need to pick leaves one by one of a cilantro or parsley stem, get a knife and use its blade to gently shave the leaves off instantly.

4. Herb Flavoring Technique

One of Gordon’s techniques to achieve flavorful dishes is to chop the herbs accordingly. His secret is to chop the herbs and not to bruise. If you’re adding basil, hold it tight and roll it softly then slice them.

5. Kiwi Peeling Technique

How to peel a kiwi without a peeler? Well, Gordon says get a knife, cut them half horizontally, and scoop it like ice cream using a spoon.

6. Checking If A pineapple Is Ripe

Sometimes, to know if a pineapple is ripe requires a hidden skill and that is to pull its center leaf. If it detaches easily, then the pineapple is ready to eat.

7. Pepper Coarse Technique

Hard to adjust the finest of your black pepper, well simply loosen the pepper bottle’s nut to achieve the perfect grind of your pepper from round to powder.

8. Prevent Eggs From Overcooking

To prevent your scramble egg from overcooking, add half a tablespoon of cold crème Fraiche. This also helps to quickly cool down the eggs and keep them moist.

9. Present Pasta From Sticking Together

Before boiling pasta, add a splash of cooking oil to the water to prevent each stick from sticking together. Also, after draining add a pinch of salt and black pepper directly in the colander to add taste.

10. Prevent Fruits From Browning

To prevent sliced fruits like avocado, apple, and potato from browning, slice a lemon and squeeze its juice in a bowl of water. The acidity of the lemon juice will halt the browning of fruits and even vegetables while the water blocks the flesh from getting rot.

11. Steak Firmness Technique

Touch your hand to determine if the steak is cooked or not. Steak is rare in the fleshy part of your palm, medium in your lower wrist, and well-done in your upper wrist.

12. Prevent Burn From Spreading

Our hand is the most overly exposed part when cooking and to prevent the feeling of burning hands especially when cutting itchy and chilly ingredients, squeeze lemon juice onto your hand to neutralize the burning sensation.

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