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Put Your Life Back On Track, Do Your Vision Board

Put Your Life Back On Track, Do Your Vision Board


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The Covid-19 pandemic has caused several changes in our lives. It has dramatically affected the economy, directly impacting us. Several businesses have been forced out of the market, rendering thousands of citizens jobless and unable to maintain their normal living conditions. Even though a significant population has been lucky enough not to get infected with the virus, the pandemic has not spared our dreams. It has changed how fondly we talk about our future aspirations and even forced some of us to cancel our 2020 resolutions.

It is even more painful, noting that everyone has been affected in one way or another, including those who had planned their lives well. We have seen families deplete their savings and rely on government aid due to the loss of jobs and the exit of different industries and businesses. Also, people with businesses who had a stable life have been recording a decline in profits, which has forced a number of them to exit the market.

The virus has significantly ruined job security, with companies closing doors day in day out. Job opportunities are also scarce as most businesses are letting go of their workers. Amidst all these, we still have to survive. On the bright side, this pandemic has taught me a lot of things. Therefore, I would like to share one of these with you, hoping that it will work for you. Remember, we are all trying to make it out alive, and if I have an idea that can help, I am definitely sharing it.

Initially, I did not believe that vision boards work. I thought that it was another means of giving people hope. Therefore, I never tried it out until this pandemic happened. Due to the lockdown, I have had a lot of time to try out new things, including considering the vision board and having one for myself.



A vision board is a visualization tool that you can make on your own. It is a representation of your future using inspirational collages. The board represents your dreams, goals, and the life you want to live.

A vision board has a simple working mechanism. It brings together the visual representation of your future and goals, which allows you to visualize them as much as you want. You can then imagine them coming true and activate the law of attraction. Here is a clear illustration of how a vision board works:



Inasmuch as one would like to believe, a vision board does not just bring a visual representation of your future so that you can manifest what you want. Instead, placing the vision board where you can see it frequently means that you will be doing visualization exercises that push you towards your future. Visualization is a powerful tool that has proved successful over time.



Everybody has a perfect picture of the future they want. However, when coming up with my vision board, I realized that it was more than what I wanted. Focusing on what I wanted to feel did accelerate the process, bringing me closer to the things I want in life. Therefore, if you dream of opening a business soon, include visual representations of things that would satisfy you. You can incorporate some handwritten notes that will also add to the flair and beauty of your desired future.



One of the most fundamental things that I learned when coming up with my vision board is that there are no stringent rules. Therefore, one should create a vision board on his or her terms. However, before coming up with it, it is essential that one stops and thinks hard. There are a few things that you will need to include. These considerations will significantly influence how your future will look like. These are:

Future Job Opportunities

You need to create room for realistic future job opportunities. These job opportunities should bring you good money. I hope that by now, you have learned that saving money is never enough. What you settle on should, therefore, be an excellent money-making opportunity. You do not have to restrict yourself; you can include different areas provided that your entries are realistic.

A Small Business

I have realized that human beings need several sources of income. Therefore, in your vision board, care to consider putting up a small business if you do not want to be an employee or id you want to supplement your daily or monthly wage. Like I mentioned, you do not have to restrict yourself. Your vision board can have everything that you need. You can include everything that inspires and motivates you, especially now that the pandemic has brought lives to a standstill.

While making the vision board, thinking about all your life goals is a critical step. It would be best if you looked at your relationships, career, finances, home, travel, and personal growth. I would highly suggest that you handwrite these goals instead of typing them for the magical touch. Once you have outlined all these goals, you will know what needs to be in your vision board. Provided that you know what you want in your life, ideas and representations will just come from nowhere. Keep in mind that you also need to think about what you want to feel and not exclusively what you want.

If there is a time that you need a vision board, it is now. The pandemic has greatly affected our lives, including how we plan our future. Having a vision board can help you plan your life again and take control of your future. The right one will help you regain focus and get back on track. Remember, we all need a secure future, and one of the fundamental steps to achieving that is having a well laid out plan.

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