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The New York Guide: Best Places To See In This Concrete Jungle

The New York Guide: Best Places To See In This Concrete Jungle


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Traveling is a hobby that many people have not yet discovered and is therefore largely underrated. There are several places in the world that you can visit if you need to unwind or have alone time. Years ago, I made a resolution to travel to as many places as possible when and if time allows. I have managed to explore different parts of the world and experienced different cultures and sceneries. One thing that I have discovered during my ventures is that traveling doesn’t stop.

I have been forced to go back to some places I have visited to experience them once more. Albeit expensive, this is a culture that everyone should cultivate. The more you travel, the more you feel hungry for new adventures. In case you are planning your vacation and have no idea where to go, I would highly recommend New York. I have been to New York several times and trust me; every visit is always better than the previous one.

The best time to visit New York is between May to October, when the weather is conducive. You can also try in September if you are occupied between May and October. Here are some of the best places to go in New York.



This should be your first stop when visiting New York. The famous statue of liberty, found in Upper New York Bay on Liberty Island, is dear to every American since it symbolizes freedom and democracy that they fought hard to get. Almost everybody who studied history knows about this statue. It transcends beyond ordinary tourist attraction since it also acts as a sign of hope for immigrants who move into the United States in search of better lives.

This statue made it to the UNESCO Heritage Site list owing to its fame and mind-blowing design. You will see a spiral staircase with over 150 steps that join the two ends. You can clearly see the lower Manhattan, Brooklyn, Verrazano Bridge, and the famous Staten Island.



The Empire state building is not just any other ordinary tower in the city of New York. This building was constructed in the 1930s and was regarded as the world’s eighth wonder upon its completion. For over four decades, it managed to be the tallest building on the planet till 1972. It attracts a vast number of tourists yearly, making New York a great tourist destination. At the top of the building is a lightning rod that records over twenty lightning strikes annually, speaking volumes about its height.

When you visit the Empire State building, you will access two observation decks; one on the 86th story and another on the 108th story. From here, you can clearly and breathtakingly see the city below. Make sure that you try this at least once in your lifetime.



If you are an accountant, forex trader, or you love matters touching on finance, you definitely know about Wall Street. Well, this is one of the biggest attractions to financial experts and enthusiasts alike. It is found in the financial district in lower Manhattan. Wall Street is not your average place, and financial experts understand this better. While here, you can walk as you look at this long street, which houses the New York Stock Exchange, a major building of world finance.

You will also notice the bullish sculpture which sits strategically on the street. Keep in mind that most people who work in Wall Street live luxurious lives as the place determines the world’s finance.



If you are an avid reader, spending some quality time at the New York Public Library can be a good way of spending your day. Remember, you won’t pay even a single cent to gain access to this magnificent building. The NY Public Library is the second biggest public Library in the United States and the fourth largest in the entire universe. Therefore, sparing a bit of your time to visit it can never be in vain. It is built majorly of marble, making it a sight to behold.

You will find a manuscript of all the famous authors that you know, and if you would like to read, the coffered ceiling in the main reading room will blow your mind.



I am pretty sure that you have heard of the Time Square even if you haven’t been to New York before. Well, this beautiful attraction is located in Central Manhattan, where Broadway meets Seventh Avenue. Due to this, most people refer to it as the crossroads of the world. Time Square has unique sights. You will quickly notice the blazing neon signs and the cool music emanating from the bars and cafes just across the streets. While here, you should visit stores such as the Disney Store.

You will probably see your favorite celebrities in several restaurants in the city. Most of the stores are open up to 2 am in the night, and therefore, you can take your time and shop, however, and whenever you like. Make a point also to visit the NBC studios, which is one of the biggest entertainment hubs in the world.



If you are looking for museums in New York, this is a perfect choice. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, mostly known as Met, has been around since 1970. It has some of the best collections in the entire world that you need to explore. Keep in mind that this is the largest museum in the US that carries several pieces of art dating from 5000 years ago. You will get to experience works and art from the prehistoric times from different regions of the universe. It would be best if you do not go back home before visiting this museum.



You must have seen Central Park from many of the movies shot in the United States. This is where people from New York City meet and blow some steam. It is located right in the middle of the city and gives life to New York. You can choose to relax in the park or even play your favorite game. You will find people skating, cycling, and e playing around.

If you are in the company of your family, you can go boating and witness the beautiful lake. If you love birds, the Central Park zoo has several exotic species of birds and animals that you will enjoy watching. However, always remember to leave the park when evening approaches since it is not safe, especially for you touring.



You have definitely seen most of these places in movies and shows. The Grand Central Terminal should be in your bucket list when visiting New York. It is mostly referred to as Grand Central Station and is located in Manhattan. This is where all the New York City trains stop and start. It is found in 42nd Park Avenue and boats of over forty train platforms. Apart from the trains, you will witness excellent architecture and enjoy good food in most eateries and restaurants.



Regardless of your religious beliefs, you should make a stop as the St Patrick Cathedral and marvel at its incredible architecture. It is located across the Rockefeller Centre and boasts of gothic-style design and build. This church can, therefore, be easily accessed. It also forms one of the most renowned landmarks in the city. If you are a practicing Christina, you can visit the place, light some candles and pray to God or even sit in peace and meditate.



This is another brilliant option in case you are looking for museums in New York. Known as the Museum of Modern Art, it is located in Midtown Manhattan and boasts of thousands of some of the most mind-blowing pieces of modern and contemporary art. Most of these collections have been preserved from time immemorial and stored in the museum’s six floors. Therefore, depending on who your favorite artist is, you will see the works of Picasso, Van Gogh, Wyeth, and even Chagall.

Keep in mind that most of the collections are masterpieces of different paintings, photographs, and sculptures. You can visit the surrounding cafes if you feel hungry as you enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. I would highly suggest that you try the restaurant on the fifth floor, which offers a super fantastic view of the Sculpture Garden.

These are a few of the places that you can visit while in New York. However, before visiting a place, you need to have a plan. Whereas we have looked at sites near New York City, you may have to visit other attractions far away. Therefore, make sure that you only carry the necessary belonging to avoid bulky traveling.

Also, keep in mind that you may need to use different transportation methods to access the different areas you visit. Lastly, do not rush your vacation. Take roughly four weeks to tour all the places that you should.

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