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What Is The Positive Side Of Being Different?

What Is The Positive Side Of Being Different?


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Are you afraid to be different? Or do you wish you were just like everyone else? To those who don’t have enough courage to move out to their comfort zone, I bet you are reading this because now is the perfect time to be ‘YOU.’ The thing is, ‘being different is normal,’ and that we should not always have to blend in. In this article, I would like to encourage you to normalize being different.

Again, I will repeat, being different is normally the same as with a pandemic in mind. Remember the first time we are quarantined, three months later we move out wearing our mask, face shield and now we are getting used to it and even call it as living in a ‘new normal.’ This article is nothing about the Covid-19 disease but what I am saying is that, do not be afraid to face the truth that time changes everything and normalizes everything. Being one different in this world is an excerpt of you.

Here is the list of how to improve ourselves (including me) and the reasons why being different offers so many opportunities for us.

Being Different Is To Exercise Positivity In Mind

As the old Buddhist saying goes, ‘you are what you think,’ isn’t old as it sounds because it’s true and timeless! We are in control of what we’re thinking because that is just how powerful our thoughts are. If we think we can retire at the age of 23 then we will normalize our thinking that it is possible to retire at 23. And we will do everything we can to prove it. In this sense, we are attracting the positive energy we have in mind. So, if we think that being different can make us more -than we would do everything to be more because we know we can do more.

Being Different Is To Permit Yourself To Explore

I mean why not? The first thing we need to know is where and what aspects we are good at- especially those that we want to improve. Self-awareness is the key to pick the topmost skill we want to improve and we can only develop that if we try to explore first.

Being Different Is To Try To Get Involve

After months of exploration, let us get involved in what we called “autodidactism” or self-teaching. The more we expose ourselves to the things we like, the more that they are honed. For instance, before I landed into my writing career, I started to get involved in some writing competitions, read many books to enhance my vocabulary, and do research. I didn’t stop until I created my style of writing and now you are reading one of those.

Being Different Is To Measure Your Ability To Take Risk

If we want to excel at something we like, we must learn to fail. Taking risks is just another way to prove the difference. One example is JK Rowling, the author of the hugely successful series Harry Potter. She was rejected by 12 major publications because her book is just one out of ordinary but no doubt her avant-garde book becomes timeless in fiction history.

Being Different Is To Learn Online

Everything we want to learn is at the tip of our fingers so why be afraid to ask? Lucky these days, we already have the internet and those who have a thirst for knowledge will take advantage of what is accessible.

Being Different Is To Stay Focused

If we plan to learn new skills to give spice to what we already knew is a different level of eagerness. But how can we enable ourselves to excel at one point when we easily get distracted by one notification beeps on our phone. One thing we need to achieve is focus. I don’t believe being good at multitasking is being productive at all times. Sometimes, one good focus requires discipline to help us achieve a clearer goal.

Being Different Is Doing It Now

What Nike teaches us to do? You can hear it saying ‘Just Do It.’ As they say, Life’s too short, so do it now. If we think we love what we do even if it is different from what other people are expecting us to be doing is a different level of knowing ourselves.

Being Different Is To Practice Consistency

Being consistent requires time, effort, and passion. If we think consistency doesn’t work to excel at some point, we haven’t reached yet the utmost duty. Being consistent sometimes makes us feel that we are doing the same thing every day and there is no longer excitement in it. Try to switch our thinking instead, we are being consistent because we have our goals and that goal doesn’t require the party in the middle so we have to sacrifice our time. This is what makes us unique from others.

Being Different Is To Evaluate Your Skills

If you want to define success, we must learn first how to evaluate yourself. Let us speak in front of the mirror and say ‘I need to change this part in me.’ Evaluating yourself is taking criticisms responsively. Let us not be biased on ourselves and learn to accept positively what others might have to say to us. If we don’t learn how to listen we will not understand change.

Being Different Is Understanding Others

It is not unusual to be judged. It is when people easily make an incorrect assessment based on first-hand information or the first time they saw us. Although it is not an easy path, we tend to be hurt sometimes but what is important is we didn’t throw the same stone back.

Being Different Is Being Irreplaceable

I remember Dr. Seuss saying, “Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”

You are you. I am me. No one can replace that. If there’s something that makes us different than we are insecure about, instead of disappointing ourselves –let us turn it into strength. For example, I tend to be clumsy at all times. I constantly drop my things and accidentally bump into someone, but everyone tells me it’s cute and funny. So instead of feeling bad about it, I embrace it but I try not to bump with someone again because it’s embarrassing.

Being Different Is Boosting Confidence

Only we can achieve this part if we already learn to accept our flaws and don’t fear changes. Having confidence enables us to grow and conquer the world even if we think it is impossible because having the guts to accept who we are is what makes us more attractive.

Being Different Is Defining Your Inner Peace

Being able to give less attention to everyone is an escape from manipulation. This is not being self-centered but we just don’t allow ourselves to accept any negative energy because we prioritize to have a wave of inner peace. This does not mean we disrespect the other side -because choosing what we hear, who we bond with, and when to go out is escaping ourselves from the old beliefs of selfishness. Being out of normalcy is to take care of our emotional, physical, and mental well-being.

Being Different Doesn’t Require Approval

Being comfortable with our skin is what makes us real. Redefining our rules and living within our boundaries allow us to mature. We have the right to choose which area of our lives requires control and which one does not. Remember, we all have our battlefield and regardless of the support, we have to decide who our ally is.

Being Different Is Knowing Your Purpose

Wonderful! You accompany me to read up to this point. You have reached in here because you know what you are reading. Just like you know what both our purposes are. Do you know why our feet always walk in front of the other? Simply because each foot knows where their work is to reach us from our destination and that is our purpose. Each of us is wonderfully made and no matter who you are each one of us places a role in society.

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