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Why Living In A Converted Car Is Becoming A Thing?

Why Living In A Converted Car Is Becoming A Thing?


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Have you ever thought of how much you will be taxed for your properties each year? How much would it cost you to buy land and build a house? and how is it to have a home that is movable and can go places? Well, that’s a lot of questions, isn’t it?

If there’s one thing that this COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it would be the consumption of spaces. We are no longer carefree and every move has some consequence and requires strategic planning.

For years, Americans are starting to convert vans for a life on the road. The converted car concept is becoming a trend that even has spread across a variety of social media platforms. On Instagram, it’s now simple to discover gorgeous photos of van life advocating the benefits of mobile living.

To make the most of the limited space, many converters removed the back seats and built a custom bed with drawers in the back, which provides storage for gear and cooking ingredients as well as a place to sleep. Not being burdened by rent allows you near-infinite mobility when living out of a car.

Why Choose To Live In A Car?

1. To save money

You may save a lot of money on rent by living in a converted vehicle. Yes, converting your car might be quite pricey at first, but if you’re going to look in the longer run, it can save you a lot of money.

Why not use the space in your car to turn it into your new home instead of paying your monthly rent dues while also paying for other essentials like food, car gas, and so on? You’ll be able to get rid of your monthly rent payments this way.

2. To gain more independence

Converted vehicle occupants may have a sense of financial freedom, to the point that they do not consider paying their monthly rent dues.

Converted vehicle dwellers who enjoy traveling may have the sensation of treating every location they visit as if it were their own home. And why shouldn’t they be able to? They’ve already brought their belongings with them!

3. To grow more

For most people, living out of a car will be a significant adjustment. It will not always be simple. Frequently, completely new problems will emerge: What is the best place to sleep? Where can I take a shower? Where should I eat?

Converted vehicle dwellers might seek answers and grow as individuals in the face of these problems. You’ll have plenty of time to reflect and figure out how to keep yourself happy. And every new place you visit is a fresh start; it teaches you how to adapt to new situations and establish new acquaintances rapidly.

Financial independence, mobility, and simplicity are three fundamental benefits that car dwellers frequently say.

Although living in a van may be a lonely and confined experience, some individuals prefer it over living in a traditional home. People are gladly giving up their apartments in favor of a mobile home—or, at the very least, changing their lifestyles to be more mobile.

Otherwise, if you’re convinced in this way of living and started to thinking of moving out in your car, check these guidelines on how to prepare your next living adventure:

Getting the essentials ready:

The first thing to do is to look for an appropriate vehicle

You can only live effectively in your car if it works. If you have enough time, acquire a van; preferably, a windowless delivery van of some sort: you’ll have storage under your platform bunk, a rooftop skylight/hatch for air, a rooftop rack for storage, and even a lookout while the skylight is open.

To live in an older vehicle, you’ll need a competent mechanic. If you have an older car, bear in mind that if you don’t keep up with maintenance, it will break down at an inconvenient time.

Gather the items you’ll need

A blanket, a pillow, and a mattress or other cushions are the necessities for living in a car. The tight confines may cause dull back discomfort due to the angles involved in the seating configuration. You’ll need a blanket to spread over the rear seat and the two front seats once you’ve got your sleeping stuff. The light and people’s views will be obstructed as a result of this.

At all times, keep your identification cards, driver’s license, and vehicle insurance up to date

If a police officer asks for your identity, you will require these documents and identification cards. Remember that living in a car is not the same as living in a house. The officers will almost always ask for your identification.

Secure your belongings in a portable container

Fill bags with your toiletries, clothing, cell phone, and other items. Keeping things organized will save you a lot of time and effort. Although a car appears to be a small area, misplacing items is quite easy. Additionally, keeping things tidy inside the automobile will attract less notice from passers-by who happen to glance through the windows.

Purchase and utilize a steering column lock

If your car is taken, your house is stolen. It’s not only about your possessions, as it would be for someone who owns a house or an apartment; it’s about your life.

Look for parking spots to put your new ‘house’ in

Parking is different depending on whether you travel regularly or stay in one place for a lengthy amount of time. Some converted car dwellers would even strike arrangements with private property owners to park their vehicles.

Inquire if any friends or family will allow you to park in their space. Whether not, see if any organizations or companies in your region (or a nearby location) have designated parking areas exclusively for persons with converted cars.

Hygiene Check!

Look for a location to take a shower

A gym may be the most sensible location, they may also make arrangements to use a friend’s shower. This will keep you sane and give you something to do in the morning. Maintaining a well-kept look will only help you retain a good self-image through difficult moments.

Aside from gyms, where else can you shower

  • Community or recreational facilities with showers

These are a less expensive alternative. Annual subscriptions at many recreational or community centers are somehow cheaper than monthly memberships at a gym. However, you may not be able to keep your belongings as safely in these locations.

  • Book a room from a low-cost hotel or hostel

You can rent a room at a cheap hotel once or twice a week to clean completely, however, this option may be more expensive.

If showering is not possible, use baby wipes to clean your body in the meantime. You may also clean your face and your hair in public toilets.


It’s critical to maintain a washing and cleaning regimen. Setting aside time for tasks once a week will help maintain your area clean. After all, you’re only responsible for one room!

Be maintenance ready!

If you’re conditioning your car for a long road session, you need to be ready at any unpredictable expenses. Fuel in an obvious one, toiletries are the next. And if you’re a freelancer, the internet is costly. Though you have enough control of your spending, depending on places that you want to stay over, however, having a little extra will free you from any unwanted headaches while traveling.

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