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Why Should We Treasure Our Daddy’s Humor?

Why Should We Treasure Our Daddy’s Humor?


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Bad jokes are funnier than the good ones, but it becomes the funniest when you don’t get it at once. We’re getting older and will come to a point that ‘ONE GOOD LAUGH IS ALL WE NEED’ and what I meant was once from our dad.

Psychology researches have long been contested by humor. Have you imagined how studies have been conducted to gather people in a lab and test which one good joke makes everyone laugh? It’s like saying “We’re all in this together and please let me write my conclusion based on your level of joke understanding.”

Nope, I would say, jokes are unpredictable; you can dictate someone to laugh; only your dad can. However, those in the field that studies humor would say that one laugh can aid intimacy and reduce stress. That made me miss my dad, I guess being a grown-up who has so much responsibility is a no joke at all.

Most people can recall when their father tried to be funny but only leaves groovy fine lines on their teenage face. Daddy jokes are defined as full of amusing words or corny one line that punches to offspring, often mixed with a chorus of contagious groans.

We’ve all heard one before, in case you haven’t heard a dad’s joke phenomenon, here’s a cringe: A slice of the apple pie is $2.50 in Cuba and $3.50 in the Bahamas. These are the pirates of the Caribbean. And when my dad would say, a man must cheer a man so he couldn’t be stuck underground in a hole full of water. Oh, I know he means well.

That tickles, but before you stop reading this ‘cause you find it silly, just let me finish. Dad’s biology split once they have children, they become cheesy and make points slowly and gently that everyone in the house would turn their head and shout, Daaaaaaddd! Stop! It’s not funny and follows it with a finger gun pose and rolls on with laughter.

I, myself, am a dad joke aficionado, and even if I’m far from being a dad my jokes are all like dads. If you wonder where on earth these inappropriate daddy jokes stem from, well I have theories. The first is because dads have a lot of time to embarrass their children. Second, your dad is trying to get your attention because your nose is busy on your phone. Third, they think their jokes are meant to do. I admit, I laugh at little things and it’s so therapeutic –knowing how open your mind to acknowledge nonsense because it just feels nostalgic when you were little and laugh about anything, especially that you don’t have bills to pay and employees to handle. Isn’t it?

I wrote this to remind my readers to have at least one good laugh every day. Daddy jokes are essential, if you don’t hear one, make one. I wish everyone could attain them as I do. Again, I repeat I’m no father, but if there’s one thing I would get from my dad, is to inherit his humor. His humor can catch the attention of the most desirable woman in the room sometimes. Daddy jokes are a reminder that people who will be through it all; they’re not someone to be kept away from, because it’s the happiness they give that money can’t buy.

This time, it’s your turn to call your dad and punch the best bad joke you stole a year ago and put a smile on his face. Thank him for how he made you feel ‘erk’ when you were a kid and thank him he did a great job because you never become the snappiest and most stubborn grown-up in the world. Tell him he molds the best of how you appreciate little things now. It’s a blessing to greet your dad a Happy Father’s Day with a bad joke. Time flies make him laugh as he gets older.

Finally, just a friendly reminder that you don’t walk with a peanut down the street. One might be a salted. LOL.

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